On The Futility of Sin

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Several months ago, I spent time in a place of deep thought with plenty of emotional highs and lows as I reflected on the world, sin, suffering, judgement and eternity.

Internally at war with fears, questions and struggles regarding these topics, I spent time reading the word, worshiping, intensively praying, talking with other believers, and crying out to God for understanding, faith, peace, joy. It’s been humbling to realize how little I understand God’s ways –how little I could ever understand them in this life.

Through all this reflection, God has brought me to a place of seeing the futility and utter foolishness of sin. The choice to sin assumes that “the now” has value over eternity. It assumes our appetites are more important, that we are more important than we actually are. It shows our blindness to the bigger picture.

When we sin or pursue worldly gain at the expense of integrity, or even simply with the mindset that it somehow matters, we miss out on far greater things that are available to us.

I am grieved for those who reject Christ, knowingly (in an intellectual sense), or unknowingly (in a “life” sense), and will experience an eternity in hell apart from Him. I say this not to scare you, but to warn you in love.

So I will continue to mourn and spread the truth that it doesn’t have to be that way. If that’s you, God is patiently giving you time to receive Him. If you reach out to Him, He will make Himself known to you. That’s His promise. For more on salvation, click here.

But I am also grieved for any Christian who fails to work against sin in her own life. This has been me at times, but by the grace of God, I now see past this physical world. This new perspective has profoundly changed me.

Don’t live life on the surface. Don’t miss the truth of your existence.

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  1. Eliza says:

    Thankyou for the reminder that while we are tempted to sin, it really doesn’t lead anywhere, certainly no where good! I have been fighting several temptations lately, and it seems every day God is giving me little reminders (such as this post in my pinterest feed) to stay away from those sins! He is Good!

  2. Ai says:

    It is futile. Sin’s pleasures are temporary and fleeting. In reality, those pleasures are not real. I am grieved when I choose the way of sin, doing the very things that condemned me to hell and the very things that nailed Jesus to the cross. I am forever grateful that he freed me from sin’s bondage. We need to be on our knees for those who are still in its chains. Thank you for this post, Katie.

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