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Hi! I’m Katie, editor and contributor to Embracing a Simpler Life. I’m a young-ish, stay-at-home mom of two adorably-fun little ones. My husband works for our church as a tech guy, and together we have a family photography business. We live in the St. Louis area.

My background is in education. I taught 5th grade for two years before having my daughter and stepping out of the career world. During those two years I worked myself silly, getting a Masters degree to move up the pay scale and attempting to prove myself as a new teacher.

And boy, have I learned to embrace and appreciate a simpler life. When I opted to stay home, I lost out on money and opportunity, as well as an outlet for ambition, glory, and feeling important. And I did like my job.

But what I gained is better. A simple life. No frills. No extravagance or excess. Just Jesus, and my family, and my home. This is my ministry now, and it’s good.

I find myself wondering, what does it look like to do this well? And so, here I am blogging about just that. So whether you work inside or outside of the home, I hope there’s something here for you.

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