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why you should subscribe to posts by email

I know, I know. You get too many emails already. 

That’s exactly how I felt when I started this blog. In fact, for many months, I did not even give the option for you to get my posts by email. I just couldn’t imagine that being appealing.

But, over time, as I became more involved in the blogging world, I accidentally signed up to get some bloggers’ posts by email.

What did I discover? I actually liked that!

Over time, through subscribing to my favorite blogs by email, I curated a custom “magazine” for myself. It is now dripped to me throughout the week in bite-sized morsels. This is great!

I don’t overdo it with blog subscriptions, but I do have my favorites. Most days, when I wake up in the morning I have one or two articles in my inbox. As I lay in bed, I choose to read, skim or skip the articles for that day. After I’m done, I archive them then and there. Or I’ll leave them for later reading.

This does not clutter up my inbox, and I love my personal morning periodical! 

I can’t rely on Facebook to keep me up to date with my favorite blogs. That truly is a noisy space, and Facebook feeds are a robotic thing. Their ability to make good decisions about what I want to read are limited.

So, if you enjoy this blog, try subscribing! If you don’t like it, you can unsubscribe at any time with a single click. Your information will never be shared.

Like me, you might just decide you like it!

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Note: by subscribing to Posts by Email, you will also receive a newsletters from me weekly. Thanks!

If you’re not getting these weekly emails, you might be missing something. And I don’t want you too! Since I’ve started systematically sending out a weekly email to blog readers, I’ve slowly shifted how I use my blog.

Now, I send news, announcements, and share my personal life primarily via these emails. People email me back, I respond personally –it’s a great medium!

I seek to publish mostly high-value articles on my blog. This is perhaps a bit less personal in nature because I want them to be about you as much or more than me. Of course, these posts are still my story, but there are a lot of things I want to share that will never make it to a fully-developed 800 word blog post.

A couple of weeks ago I planned a Facebook Party for you all. I sent out an email, we met up on Facebook, the party was a blast, and I later realized… I probably missed inviting some people by not posting about this event on my blog! Sorry about that!

So, if you are invested in this blog, but haven’t made the leap to join our mail list, I hope you will! It’s the best way to take the next step into community around here, and it’s something I take very seriously.

PLUS I have a private Facebook group for subscribers! 

Now, want to know which blogs I follow? There have been many to which I’ve subscribed and unsubscribed, but these are the ones I’ve stuck with.

Blogs I Follow via “Posts by Email”

Intentional by Grace 

This is one of my new favorite blogs. I love Leigh Ann’s heart and affirm her words. The spirit of her blog is refreshing, and her message is similar to mine.

Find her posts by email sign up on her Contact page.

Club 31 Women

I learn so much from following Lisa Jacobson. She is a seasoned, wise wife and mother who loves Jesus and lives for Him!

Unfortunately, this blog only emails out a post-teaser, which I don’t prefer. But, I often click through to read them anyway. You can subscribe in her sidebar!


My Favorite Blog Newsletters

Homemaking Ministries Weekly Homemaking Newsletter

I am so thankful for Jami Balmet and her beautiful, positive, uplifting and practical homemaking ministry to Christian women. This newsletter is packed-full of great resources, encouragement and information!

Sign up is located at the top of every page!

Grace Notes by Creative Home Keeper

This weekly, encouraging newsletter is very well put-together and delightful. It is designed to help women live more intentionally and devotionally every day. I love that!

Sign up here and get her Complete Simplified Meal Planner as a bonus!

Richly Rooted

Elsie Callender is a simple-living, Jesus-loving blogger who lives in a small cabin in Alabama. Her writing echoes much of what I too have found to be true in my home and life-simplification journey.

Her blog has a natural-living bent, which I appreciate since that is not my forte. And she includes a weekly quote, which is usually one I’ve never heard. This week it was Audrey Hepburn. 🙂

You can subscribe on her Newsletter Page.

What are your favorite, tried-and-true, consistently-awesome blogs to follow?


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  1. You are so sweet to include my newsletter! Thank you for sharing, I love yours too by the way! 😉

  2. Elsie says:

    I meant to say this before, but thank you for sharing my newsletter! I love reading your blog and getting your updates in my inbox(: Always something good to enjoy or think about!

  3. Jami Balmet says:

    You are awesome friend 🙂 Thanks for sharing!! Great list!!

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