3 Things I Leave Out On My Kitchen Counters {And 3 Things I Don’t}

Over the past several years I’ve discovered the beauty and functionality of uncluttered counters. I find it quite liberating. Seeing clean countertops lifts a visual, mental and even emotional burden for me. A few advantages of uncluttered counters: They are easier to clean. Simply wipe and go! There is so much glorious workspace. Cooking dinner, baking, and even the putting away of groceries gain… Read more


Today’s Project: Simplify Your Medicine Cabinet

This is a series in which we challenge you to simplify a different area of your home each month. We keep it pretty …simple. If you’re like me, your medical supplies are cluttered and unorganized. I found myself rummaging around and having difficulty finding what I needed. My inspiration for this project came after some late-night heartburn. I got up, searched extensively for something… Read more


For the Mom Who’s Weary of Entertaining Her Children

  In our culture, we moms often feel that we should provide our young children with constant entertainment, stimulation, and child-centered activity. So we pour our energy into providing just that. But eventually, we begin to feel exhausted, weary and overwhelmed. We can’t get our housework done or pursue other interests, let alone rest, so we resort to turning on the T.V.… Read more


How I Get My 3-Year-Old to Clean Her Room in 5 Minutes a Day

    Getting kids to clean their rooms is a challenge at any age. However, a clean room builds a disciplined life, as well as increasing the overall quality of one’s life, so I believe it’s a challenge worth accepting. When my oldest turned three a few months ago, I decided it was time to give her some responsibility. She is expected to… Read more


How to Make Your Home More Managable

The Concept If you’re like me, it can be hard to keep your home under control. Between the constant activity and needs of the family, the messes and disorder are literally unending. However, this frustrating cycle is changing for me. That’s because I’ve discovered an extremely liberating concept to make my home more manageable. It goes something like this: If you… Read more


Today’s Project: Simplify Your Utensil Drawer

This is a series in which we resource and challenge you to simplify a different area of your home each week. So let’s get at it! The Utensil Drawer I am not the most logical person. For most of my life I’ve moved through my days doing things as I’ve always done them, never evaluating my actions for efficiency. Fortunately, my husband is logical… Read more

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