It Is More Blessed to Give than To… Sell Your Stuff

I’m a young mom on a tight budget. When I get an idea of something extra I’d like to buy (a headboard for our daughter, a swing set, new shrubs), inevitably, my husband gives me “that look” and says, “Great. How are you going to pay for that?” My usual reply is, “No problem! I’ll just sell some stuff!” However,… Read more


The “What, Why & How” of Creating a Family Yearbook

In this day of modern technology, it’s all too easy to leave pictures buried in computer files and rarely enjoyed. The modern solution for many of us is not 4 x 6 prints and old-style photo albums, but rather, fun, customized photo books. Each year, my family and I do this in the form of a Family Yearbook.   So What’s a… Read more


My 2014 in One Word: And How It’s Changed Me

If you could sum up your year in one word, what would it be? Tweet this That was the challenge issued by my pastor at church this weekend. As I reflected on that question, one word rose to the surface for my life: Simplify You see, it was in 2014 that the concept of simplifying & minimizing my life was first… Read more


A Merry Little Christmas

Photo credit When it comes to overblown Christmas expectations, you can call me Queen Bee.  Every year, I would make an insanely long list of people I wanted to bake treats for, I wanted to decorate our house inside and out, and I often overspent our Christmas budget. I also felt slightly crazy throughout December, chasing my tail and all… Read more


Turn Your Christmas Upside Down | Advent Conspiracy

I’ve been thinking a lot about Christmas lately. Anyone else? I love this time of year for so many reasons: the Christmas music, the decorations, the excitement and energy, the family and food. For the past several years, my church has participated in something called the Advent Conspiracy Movement. It has deeply affected me. In fact, it has totally changed… Read more


3 Types of Apps I Deleted from My Phone for a Simpler Life

The second I stopped judging people who are constantly looking at their phones was the second I got a smart phone for myself. No matter how much you believe yourself to value truly living, eyes up, hands-free, focusing on your children and all the important people right in front of you, owning a smart phone reveals how susceptible we all are… Read more

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