3 Things I Leave Out On My Kitchen Counters {And 3 Things I Don’t}

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3 Things I leave out on my kitchen counter2

Over the past several years I’ve discovered the beauty and functionality of uncluttered counters.

I find it quite liberating.

Seeing clean countertops lifts a visual, mental and even emotional burden for me.

A few advantages of uncluttered counters:

  • They are easier to clean. Simply wipe and go!
  • There is so much glorious workspace. Cooking dinner, baking, and even the putting away of groceries gain fluidity…

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  1. Shawna says:

    i love clean and uncluttered counters. I personally keep out my Keurig, stand mixer and spice rack….although someday I plan to have one of those magnetic spice wall hangy things, so that will clear more counter space! Good blog!!!

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