Worship like Never Before This Christmas

Every year I’m more undone at Christmastime than I was the year before. My eyes and heart are opened just a little further. I take in a fraction more of the magnitude and glory of what God did in the moment when He emerged into our reality in human form. A baby. Jesus. … My daughter and I have been researching… Read more


Christmas Gift Idea for Daddy (from Daughter)

It’s 5 days ’til Christmas. How crazy is that? This year, I wanted to help my 3-year-old daughter give her daddy a gift for Christmas. I knew they would both appreciate that opportunity. But what? She could pick something out at the store, but as I probed her on this, I didn’t think a “Christmas lamp” would be his ideal gift, and I… Read more


Why You Should Spend Less This Christmas: Advent Conspiracy

  “That sweater she won’t like, that random gift card, that toy he doesn’t need.” Why do we spend so much money on gifts that lack meaning at Christmastime? Could it be that we believe the $ spent directly represents our love? Our culture may tell us so. And we do love these people, so we spend, spend, spend. The only problem… Read more


Worship Fully This Christmas: Advent Conspiracy

  What would it mean for you to worship fully this Christmas season? Perhaps that would require pausing, resting, waiting on God and rediscovering awe over what He did at Christmas. Perhaps it would require deeply ingesting the reality that Jesus came as Immanuel, God with us. Advent Conspiracy authors put it this way, “Mary’s worship [the Magnificat… her song]… Read more


Turn Your Christmas Upside Down | Advent Conspiracy

I’ve been thinking a lot about Christmas lately. Anyone else? I love this time of year for so many reasons: the Christmas music, the decorations, the excitement and energy, the family and food. For the past several years, my church has participated in something called the Advent Conspiracy Movement. It has deeply affected me. In fact, it has totally changed… Read more

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