Christmas Gift Idea for Daddy (from Daughter)

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It’s 5 days ’til Christmas. How crazy is that?

This year, I wanted to help my 3-year-old daughter give her daddy a gift for Christmas. I knew they would both appreciate that opportunity. But what?

She could pick something out at the store, but as I probed her on this, I didn’t think a “Christmas lamp” would be his ideal gift, and I wanted it to be from her, not me with her name on it.

She could make something, but what could she make that he would actually find useful? We fill his quota for “desk-at-work decor” each Father’s Day.

As I reflected on the simple, relational gift giving about which I recently wrote in “How to Give More without Spending More This Christmas,” I had an idea.

Christmas Gift Idea for Daddy 2


Daddy-Daughter Date Cards

The original idea was the create 12 daddy-daughter “date” coupons, one for each month.

However, my 3-year-old daughter had a few others “helping” coupons she wanted to throw in, and we couldn’t come up with 12 date ideas I was sure daddy would enjoy, so we settled for this mixed bag of 8 coupons, most of them representing daddy-daughter dates or time spent together.


She then made a card, which she dictated to me, and we glued together a matching envelop from scrap paper.

The coupons we included were:

  1. Play a game with dad.
  2. Help daddy turn on the T.V.
  3. Take dad out for ice cream
  4. Make daddy cookies
  5. Go on a breakfast date with dad
  6. Help daddy make breakfast
  7. Take dad out for donuts
  8. Go on a date to Lowe’s with dad

Obviously, these are very specific to our family, but may include some ideas to get you thinking.

I then paper-clipped some cash onto the back of the coupons as needed.






The whole project took about an hour and was done completely with supplies we had on hand.

I am confident it will mean a lot to both of them throughout the year.

So if you’re still searching for a gift idea “to daddy, from daughter,” maybe this is your solution!


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Daddy Daughter Date Coupons

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  1. Michelle says:

    Adorable Idea! I’m sure your husband and daughter will have a wonderful time doing these and make some great memories 🙂 Think I will tuck this idea away for my husbands birthday or for fathers day.

    Merry Christmas!

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