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What would it mean for you to worship fully this Christmas season?

Perhaps that would require pausing, resting, waiting on God and rediscovering awe over what He did at Christmas.

Perhaps it would require deeply ingesting the reality that Jesus came as Immanuel, God with us.

Advent Conspiracy authors put it this way,

“Mary’s worship [the Magnificat… her song] begins with the ultimate paradox: a young girl, unwed and without power, influence, or wealth, cradles within her womb the divine power of the universe. The Creator who spoke creation into place is taking on fingers and toes inside her belly, and the One who holds all the wealth of the universe will soon nurse at her breast”

Does that stir you?

Or are you too busy being Martha this holiday season? Shop, shop, shop. Money equals love. Cook, clean, cook. Gotta impress the family.

Can I challenge you to pause today? Think about what you’re truly searching for.

What do you want this Christmas?

More stuff? To over-promise, but quickly lose it’s shine? To distract us like some short-lived high?

More empty gift giving? To somehow show we care all while showing we don’t really know the gift’s recipient?

More busyness? To numb out your boredom with life or offer temporary excitement?

Or would you truly, deeply rather have something else?


Something maybe you (and your children) think you’re getting from exciting new gifts and Christmas hype, but ultimately you’re deflated in the anti-climactic post Christmas let down.

Maybe instead you’re truly looking for something along the lines of hope, peace, love, rest and worship?

Ultimately, these things are found in Christ alone.

“…each time we try to meet our desire for fulfillment at the mall, we take another step away form the nativity.” Advent Conspiracy

Don’t miss the wonder of what God has done for you!icn-worship-fully

Need somewhere to start? Try reading the gospel accounts of Christ’s birth. And don’t stop there, truly think about what you’re reading. Imagine. Reflect. Ask God to help you understand the significance, beauty and depth of this one act.

There’s more there than you could possible contain. But He might just open your mind a bit more than before. He might just change you. 

My Prayer

God, You are unfathomable. What You did at Christmas is breathtaking; You took on human form, became a tiny baby, born in such conditions to such a family, foretold centuries before. It’s mind-bending.

Please help us not miss that wonder this Christmas. Please help us to sacrifice everything else for the sake of worshiping you if need be. To untangle ourselves from the grip of this culture to truly and fully find You this season.

Undo us Lord! How badly we need it.


Find out more about Advent Conspiracy here: www.adventconspiracy.org

And get this book here.

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