EP9 | How to Actually Believe God and Why It Matters

So much of what we invest our time into during this life will not matter eternally. Every worldly thing we build will ultimately crumble. Every personal accomplishment will die with us, or shortly thereafter. All our work will come undone. But God, in His grace has breathed purpose back into our living under the sun. He has instilled into our… Read more

EP8 | Media Choices in Light of Eternity (TV Edition)

Have you ever wondered what the Bible has to say about the media we choose to consume? That’s an important question to consider, which is why we’re talking about it in this episode of the Embracing a Simpler Life podcast! Together we will consider: How does eternal perspective illuminate and color our media choices? What are the redeeming benefits of… Read more

EP7 | Considering Big Purchases in Light of Eternity

We all make big purchases at some point during our lives (furniture, a car, a computer, a house, a vacation home), and each of these things become a noteworthy investment of our resources on this earth. So how do we know if we’re making a good decision in light of eternity? That’s the question we (Mitch and Katie) are tackling… Read more

EP6 | Discipline Before Desire: How to cultivate longing for God

We know that we want to hunger and thirst for God, but sometimes we just… don’t. And yet, each day we spend on this earth is a holy opportunity to live in an eternally meaningful way. If we fail to do that, the opportunity is lost forever. If we allow ourselves to wrap up in the wrong things, the implications… Read more

EP5 | Our Challenge for You in 2018: Read the Bible in a Year

Have you ever taken the time to read the Bible through? If not, we think now is the time. If so, we want you to consider reading it again, and within a year. Join us as we cast vision for the importance of living in light off the whole counsel of the eternal word of God. Additional Resources Why You… Read more

EP4 | How to Make Much of Jesus This Christmas Season

Christmas is a confusing holiday. There are two seemingly unrelated storylines unfolding, one is about baby Jesus and the other is all Santa. This week on the Embracing a Simpler Life podcast we will sort it all out, explain why we celebrate Christmas as we do and how these two celebrations are related. Join me (Katie), as I offer you… Read more

EP3 | Redeeming Christmas Gift Giving

The practice of giving Christmas gifts has potential to be holy and precious, and yet somewhere along the way, we have gone astray. Instead of joy, we feel stress at the prospect of figuring out what to get for so many people, not to mention paying for them all. Instead of gratitude and love, our children feel a sense of… Read more

EP2 | Evaluating Your Busyness in Light of Eternity

What keeps you from living a life that truly matters, a life that is moment by moment soaked in eternal purpose? For many people, the answer is busyness. We live in a day and time where this is endemic. It is not only easy to fall into, it is expected. And with so many opportunities to invest our limited daily… Read more

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