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Favorite Things Christmas Gift Guide for Christian Families

I love Christmas gift giving. It is an incredibly special thing for my family and me. We carefully consider gifts to buy, and then purchase only a small number of modest gifts for one another. We find this helps our hearts stay grateful and worshipful, and we also get to show love to one another. Because Christmas gifts are something… Read more


What I Wish People Knew About Large Families

Whenever I’m in public with all four of my small children, I’m almost certain that I’m going to encounter at least one stranger that is a little curious about our family. Are they all yours? What are their ages? Are they twins (my oldest girls are 14 months apart, so we get this question a lot)? Do you want more?… Read more


We’re Having a Facebook Party!

Facebook parties are a lot of fun, and we’re having one this Sunday night! Everyone is invited to come hang out at the Embracing a Simpler Life Facebook page on Sunday night, June 11th at 9pm Eastern (6pm Pacific). It will be fun-filled hour, complete with discussion, community, hundreds of dollars in prizes, spiritual-growth themed freebies, and fun! This is… Read more


The Heavenly Minded Mom Online Course is HERE!

There is a message that I feel especially passionate about sharing. It’s for moms. It’s for women. It’s for all people, but I know it best in my own context. It has to do with living simply, but really, it’s inexplicably deeper than that. Perhaps Isaiah 40 says it best: A voice says, “Cry out.” And I said, “What shall I cry?”… Read more


3 Simple Ways to Love Your Husband with Purpose

On the day we said “I do” we promised to love a moving target for the rest of our lives. To show up, day in and day out, and to choose to love this person. This person who is growing and changing all throughout their lives. While we at the same time are growing and changing. With our marriages, we’re… Read more


How I’m Being Constructive with My Kids This Summer!

Summers with school-aged kids present some challenges (or so I’ve heard). This is our first year to have a schooler, and she’s a home-schooler, so the jury is still out on how our summers will be. Because of my less-is-more parenting philosophy, because of our finances, because of our kids’ young ages, and because of the rural area in which we live, we do… Read more


How to Teach Your Children to Apologize Well

Not everyone knows how to apologize well. We can help our kids learn to apologize with these four simple steps.  I don’t know about you, but hearing my kids argue and fight with each other is one of my least favorite things. Truthfully, this is in part simply because it can be really annoying to hear. But I realize that this… Read more


Why I’m Spending Next Week in Guatemala!

When my husband originally broached the subject of participating in a mission trip to Guatemala this Spring, I thought he was slightly… insane. Not only would this international trip cost quite a bit of money, but we already had a “kid-free” Caribbean cruise planned with my side of the family in April. I couldn’t imagine being gone from my children for… Read more

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