How I’m Being Constructive with My Kids This Summer!

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Summers with school-aged kids present some challenges (or so I’ve heard). This is our first year to have a schooler, and she’s a home-schooler, so the jury is still out on how our summers will be.

Because of my less-is-more parenting philosophy, because of our finances, because of our kids’ young ages, and because of the rural area in which we live, we do not plan to enroll our little ones in a bunch of camps and activities to fill up the summer. We will do VBS, and probably that’s it for summer-fillers.

Mostly, we want to make memories with our children this summer.

However, I also acknowledge that the lack of structure provided by the school does have the potential to cause many other difficulties: boredom, fighting, more work for mom. That’s why I’m making a plan!

Last summer I enrolled in the Kids Cook Real Food course. I intended to include it in my daughter’s regular Kindergarten curriculum, but that was before I knew we were going to be spending most of the year selling our home, relocating our family, changing careers, living with my parents and renovating a house, and then finally, moving in and getting settled. This process of total life change spanned the entire and exact school year.

We managed to keep up with the work because homeschool Kindergarten is fairly laid back. But those extra-special, super-fun, highly-anticipated cooking lessons did not happen for the poor girl.

The good news is, it will make a great summer endeavor for me and my kids!

Kids Cook Real Food is for any mom who wants structure and guidance in the process of teaching her kids systematic cooking skills. It’s like a summer cooking camp, but without the commute (and probably much less expensive, especially for multiple kids). Most importantly, we get to make memories with our kids instead of dropping them off with someone else.

What’s more, hopefully, we will develop a cooking relationship that will be helpful in the future as we gain an understanding of our children’s capabilities.

Obviously a course like this will take preparation (grocery shopping), and clean up. However, to make it as easy as possible, the Kids Cook Real Food Members area is stocked with everything you need, including:

  • Comprehensive adult training videos and .pdf’s
  • Child video lessons divided into three levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced, each including 8 developed lessons and bonus material
  • Printable flash cards
  • Printable daily nugget cards
  • Recipe eBooklet (with allergy modifications)
  • Curriculum map
  • Tools needed checklist
  • Grocery lists
  • Email reminders you can trigger yourself
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Progress tracker

They have really thought of everything! I love that the videos provide the instruction, and I just get to facilitate. It’s nice to have the thinking done for me.

My kids love helping me in the kitchen, and I want to encourage them to do so!

So, if you’re looking for a little structure that will hopefully be fun and motivating for kids,while also teaching them a valuable skill and giving you something to do together… join me on my Kids Cook Real Food journey this summer!

Enroll now: Kids Cook Real Food online course!

What fun things do you have in mind for this summer?


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  1. Zhade says:

    That sounds like such fun! My three year old recently got an apron as a gift and now I cant do anything in the kitchen without her NEEDING to put her apron on and help!!

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