Why I’m Spending Next Week in Guatemala!

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When my husband originally broached the subject of participating in a mission trip to Guatemala this Spring, I thought he was slightly… insane.

Not only would this international trip cost quite a bit of money, but we already had a “kid-free” Caribbean cruise planned with my side of the family in April. I couldn’t imagine being gone from my children for two full weeks within such a close span of time.

Plus two international trips in five weeks seemed a little… ill-distributed? Especially for a couple who had never once traveled outside of the country in our 8-year marriage.

However, the more we talked, the more it was clear to me that God was leading him to do this, and he wanted me to do it with him. We decided to commit to the trip.

That was several months ago, and now, it is upon us!

I am excited and nervous! I haven’t traveled internationally since college, and I would say that becoming a mother has made me a bit more self-preserving.

As far as the financial investment goes, I decided that this experience will be more bonding, fun and worthwhile than whatever possible vacation we might have eventually spent a similar sum of money on, so we’re diverting our resources to go out and join in with work that God is doing in other parts of the world!

What we will be doing

We are traveling with a group of 12 people from our previous church (they are so awesome!) We will work with an organization called Living Water International. While we’re in Guatemala, we will help drill a clean water well in an area that does not currently have access to safe drinking water.

Photo credit: Living Water International

Our team will also work in partnership with local staff to teach hygiene lessons in the community. We will fold in Bible stories and, ultimately, we will get to share the gospel… the well that never runs dry.

I think it will be a very impactful week for me, and I am looking forward to how God will open my eyes to His perspective and enable me to be a vehicle for His love to those in need.

I’m also looking forward to dusting off my Spanish! Although I haven’t practiced it in 10 years, I was basically fluent during college, obtaining a minor in the language and studying abroad for a semester.

Follow along on Instagram!

If you’re interested, I’d love to share my trip with you. I’ll be posting on Instagram throughout the week. You can follow me here.


For a better picture of Living Water International’s work, check out this video…


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