Truth in Tinsel: An Advent Experience for Little Hands

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An Advent Experience

I am quite excited about the advent experience my kiddos and I are doing this year!

It’s all contained in an ebook that’s available for instant download here called Truth in Tinsel: An Advent Experience for Little Hands.


Each day leading up to Christmas in the month of December you and your children will have a picture clue, a scripture to look up and read, an ornament to make from simple craft supplies, and suggested discussion questions.

The Supply Swap

I first learned about this program when another mom from my church organized a “Truth in Tinsel supply swap.” She recruited and organized a number of moms who then each gathered and organized the supplies for one of the crafts in the book.

We met to exchange them with each other at a fun “mom’s night out” party she hosted.

2014-11-20 18.37.33

It was such a sweet idea and experience! I spent only $4 and benefited from the greatly decreased leg work and expense. I also got to meet some great women in a similar life stage.

I especially loved the prayer of the host as she opened the evening. She asked God to “release us from the pressure to get everything done” and instead allow us to “just have fun with it.” Such wise words in this age of Pinterest pressure and crafty moms.

2014-11-20 20.37.33

Displaying Advent Ornaments

One friend purchased a small Christmas tree to put in her 4-year-old son’s room. This will be their Truth in Tinsel advent ornament tree.

She wants him to be able to see, take ownership and be reminded throughout the month of December of all the things they’ve talked about and learned. 

I love her idea but don’t trust my 3-year-old with a tree in her room, so I’ve strung a piece of twine across our dining room windows were we will display our ornaments.

2014-11-22 12.07.47


We’ve already made our first ornament. I wanted to get a head start since I’m SURE we will miss a day at some point. Oh, and did I mention I’m excited about this?

I feel like I don’t do enough of these kinds of things with my daughter.

Do Something

Even if a supply swap isn’t an option for you at this point in time, don’t be discouraged. These crafts use simple supplies, lots of construction paper, glue, and yarn. You can still select a few ornaments to make this year without feeling the pressure to do them all simply based on what you have available around your home.

You could also create your own ideas to make advent meaningful, perhaps reading Christmas books or slowly putting up decorations around your home with special meaning.

This’ll be our first year to celebrate the Christmas advent so intentionally by truly developing understanding of what Jesus did on Christmas. I can see SUCH benefits to come, but only time will truly tell.

Have you done Truth in Tinsel or found a similar advent experience? If so, please share!


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