The Verse Every Mother Should Memorize

We went camping at the beach last Fall. Two parents brave (or crazy, depending on your perspective) enough to take four children 6 and under camping for a week. Would you believe me if I told you that we had a really great time? For five days we ate outside, went on nature walks, and of course, played at the… Read more


What Does It Mean to Parent with Humility?

God has called mothers to do many things. We are a chef, a chauffeur, a referee, etc. It seems like we are always going and doing what needs to be done. It can be easy for us to become discouraged and exhausted through all of the work we must do. So, how can we be humble through the endless tasks… Read more


How to Hygge with Small Children

Are you familiar with the term “hygge”? Chances are you have seen this little Danish word in an article or heard it on a podcast. The idea has become pretty popular recently. And with good reason, too, because who doesn’t want to talk about how we can make our homes cozier and our lives more rich with the things which bring us… Read more


On Laying Aside “What I Think I Deserve” to Follow Jesus (as a Mother)

I feel that God is calling me to a deeper life. (And you!) This is a shift that’s happened subtly over the past several months. Somewhere along the line I began surrendering my expectations about my life to God. These were expectations of things like comfort, help, control, sleep, breaks, entertainment, pampering, “me time,” goals, date-nights and personal pursuits. I began letting go of… Read more


Mothers of Little Ones, I Want You to Read this Book!

As I shared in an earlier post, I’ve been incorporating audio books into my week. This has been AMAZING because I’m actually finding time to ingest ideas. I choose books that will stretch and sharpen me. I’m so grateful for this new routine! A few weeks ago, I was browsing around looking for my next audio book. Although I wasn’t finished… Read more


Life with Three Kids: Relishing Sweetness, Coping with Stress

Can we talk about life with three kids for a second? Because it’s a whole ‘nother ball game. For one thing, the cuteness is off the radar. It’s like all the love and delight a child brings TIMES THREE. It’s a lot to handle –a heart-bursting, overwhelming sort of joy that almost hurts. It’s so good! But life with three kids is also a… Read more

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