Homemaking with Purpose (on Purpose)

Did you know that God is up to something eternal in the midst of your homemaking? It’s true! Stay-at-home-moms of little children, you don’t need to get them into school in order to start doing something purposeful with your life. You’re already doing it! Working women and moms, you don’t need to wait for life to be simpler to live… Read more


4 Ways to Live Out the Gospel in Your Home

Sometimes I think about the end goals of my homemaking. In the midst of work that can easily feel endless, cyclical, and mundane, I wonder, “what am I actually trying to do here, and why?” As I think about it, I can actually get pretty excited! What am I trying to do through my homemaking?  What does it mean to live… Read more


Why eCourses Work

Over the past year, I’ve taken a few different online courses that have had a real impact in my life, and as a result, I decided to launch my very first eCourse last March! Well, this week my second eCourse is officially out! It’s called Modesty, Grace and a Minimal Wardrobe! It’s part of a larger training academy known as My Homemaking Mentor. More on that below.… Read more


My Homemaking Mentor is Now Available!

The possibilities of community are changing! Where we were once limited by our proximity to others, now we have the unique opportunity to learn from godly women around the globe via the internet. This allows us to soak in a variety of perspectives and glean from those with varying areas of expertise! Mentoring is a valuable model for growth, and homemaking is… Read more

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