How to Enjoy Housework Instead of Dreading It!

Would you like to figure out how to enjoy housework? Here’s what worked for me! You guys. I figured out how to make myself look forward to housework and enjoy it! This has been such a breakthrough! How I started to enjoy housework It all started when I decided I should read books by Christian thinkers and influencers (you know, since I’m a… Read more


Homemaking Is a Ministry

Over the past two years, I’ve slowly gotten into homemaking. Now, it’s sort of “my thing.” I didn’t see it coming, but somewhere along the way, I began to realize the eternal, beautiful, godly, glorious significance of Biblical homemaking. I began to see that this is much more than cleaning toilets. Godly homemaking is the intermingling of craft and work for the purpose of… Read more


Are Toys Everywhere Driving You Crazy? Get Your Sanity Back.

I have learned a very wonderful secret about the constant toy mess my three little kids make. What is it? …I have control. Now I don’t mean “controlling” my children by making them pick up after themselves or only play with one thing at a time. Honestly, that drives me more insane than if I just do it myself because that’s a… Read more

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