On Being Intentional at Home: An Interview with …Me!

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This week I had the great privilege of being interviewed by Alysha St. Germain at An Intentional Future blog.



After the loss of her husband to cancer in 2012, Alysha began blogging as a means to process her loss and ultimately, her renewed desire to make life count. As part of that journey, she made the decision to move herself and her two young children into a tiny home to better focus on what matters most.

I hope you’ll check out her blog and like her Facebook page. She has an amazing story and encouraging message for anyone seeking to live a life of purpose.

And in the month of January, she doing a series of interviews on the topic of being intentional at home.

So if you’d like to hear more of my story, as well as get some practical ideas for adding intentionality to your home life, check out the interview!

You can find it here: http://anintentionalfuture.com/2015/01/intentional-home-katie-embracing-simpler-life/


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  1. Alysha says:

    Thank you for the privilege of interviewing you.. it really was a lot of fun!


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