HF #002: Creating Simple Homemaking Routines That Work with Katie Bennett

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Today I’m being interviewed on the Homemaking Foundations podcast!

*Note: it’s not yet available on iTunes, but will be soon. However you can find it today at youngwifesguide.com.

Here is the Episode Summary, taken directly from YoungWifesGuide.com,


Episode Summary

Katie is a mom in the trenches with three kids under 4 and has such a strong focus on eternity and the Gospel. Once she began a journey of implementing simple homemaking routines and getting rid of junk, her life and her home really changed! In this episode, Katie is sharing her secrets on pairing down the stuff in your life so that you have more time to spend on the things that are truly important.

How do we figure out what we should be focusing on within our home? How do we even start to implement simple homemaking routines when our house feels out of control? Katie is going to give you some awesome inspiration in this episode for getting started with very simple and easy routines that can slip right into your life – wherever you are at!

Do you want to get a better handle on your home? Then get ready to be motivated to get rid of stuff and create a more manageable home.”


So, if you want to hear a bit more of my story, or if you need some motivation and encouragement to find freedom in simple routines and a simple home, head over here to listen.

The Bloopers

I know there are soooo many moms out there who can relate to “the true story” of recording this podcast, so I have to share it with my readers.

Jami and I set a time to record this interview when I knew I was going to be at home by myself with the kiddos. I strategized the whole day around it and created with a fail-proof plan to align the stars for 45 minutes so I could do it, no problem.

We got on the phone together as my 2-year-old began banging on his door, choosing this as the first day of his life to refuse a nap. All through the first two questions he was crying through his closed door so loudly, that Jami had to stop the interview (her husband was able to edit that out of the background for your listening pleasure). I escorted little Matthew to the couch, where my daughter sat in front of the TV and resumed the conversation.

About one question later I broke in again (also edited out), apologizing that the baby was crying and I needed to get her. I completed the final half of our interview while nursing and pinching the phone between my head and shoulder. Ha!

So yeah, this is real life. 🙂

Listening to the podcast back, I’m actually surprised that I don’t sound like a total scatterbrain… just a partial one.

It turned out okay in the end; much better then I remembered it actually.

So just imagine that scene while you’re listening, and let me know what you think in the comments section below!


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