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As you may know, I’m doing a series of giveaways on the blog in the month of December. The purpose of these giveaways is to promote community, get to know you more, AND share a few of my favorite things with you.

Last week 10 winners scored a cute, wintery mug. This week, I’m excited to be giving away something that is near and dear to my heart: three Fair Trade Friday boxes to three separate winner!

What is a Fair Trade Friday box?

Fair Trade Friday is a nonprofit organization that I LOVE. Simply put, it is a subscription service that delivers a package of fair trade items each month. It costs 31.99 per month, and you never know what you’re going to get. It’s a surprise!

It is so fun to get these packages. They have included everything from candle holders, to necklaces, to earrings, to pot holders, to purses, to bags, to key chains, to advent activities, to t-shirts, to leather-bound journals, and on and on… There is great variety and the items are beautiful! If I get something that I know someone in my life would love, I give it away. I’ve found that people love receiving gifts with a story –items that give life to others. If there’s something I know I’ll get good use out of, I keep it!

Here is what my December Fair Trade Friday package included: 

  • Winter Birchwood 3 pc Candle Centerpiece made in Ukraine by Our Legacy (retail value $28)
  • Trendy Brass Stud Earrings on Christmas Card, made in Peru by Yobel (retail value: $25)
  • Restive Christmas Ornament from 3 Cords in Haiti (retail value $6)

However, the point is not so much the items themselves, it’s the fact that by participating in this club, I am offering stable employment to artisans in impoverished countries around the world in the name of Jesus. 

This club provides a stable and consistent market which allows ministries distribute the goods made by those they resource and serve.

Slowly my life and home are being filled with these hope-filled, hand-crafted, personal and beautiful items. My everyday purse, most of my jewelry, my key chain, my favorite tea towel, and my best t-shirt are all acquisitions I’ve made through Fair Trade Friday.

It’s the one and only subscription box that I’ve stuck with over time, and now, I want to share it with you!

Read more about Fair Trade Friday Club here.

How do I enter to win?

That’s simple! Answer a question in the comments section and then click “I Commented” in the Rafflecopter app below. Winners will not need to subscribe to the club, but will instead receive a one-time sample package!

This week’s question is: What is one way have you benefitted from pursuing a simpler life? What words of wisdom do you have to offer other women choosing to make these hard-but-good changes?

I know I’m making you think, but there are so many wise women in this community, we can learn from each other!

*Note: Fair Trade Friday boxes ship worldwide, so anyone can win, regardless of where you live. Raffle closes at 11:59 PM Eastern on 12/24/16. Winners will be chosen randomly.*

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  1. sara says:

    Did you draw winners for this yet?

  2. Chrysti says:

    I have benefitted from a simpler lifestyle in that it reduces my anxiety and worry. Having more stuff (to take care of or clean or organize) adds stress. Having too many things on my to-do list or calendar creates a hurried and overwhelmed feeling. By reducing these things, I find that I have less to worry about or feel anxious about. It is definitely still a work in progress, but it’s progress nonetheless. My advice would be to just start small. You can’t tackle simplifying every area of your life at once. Just take small steps in the direction you want to go!

  3. Cara says:

    Due to living in a VERY tiny home, we are required to have a mindset to constantly simplify. Our home and our time can easily become overrun with unessential things. What I what i really appreciate about not having an abundance of possessions is that everything has a place. No random piles in corners or on tables. Everything we own has to have a purpose, which keeps us from getting overwhelmed. I guess i don’t have a good explanation but we are just able to have such nice times of rest in our home when we keep things simple. It is cozy and not cluttered. It is peaceful, not distracting.

  4. Kim Henrichs says:

    Probably that life is short. Enjoy each day as much as possible.

  5. Katelyn says:

    I have found there is less stress with less stuff in the home. My mind is clearer and more present. By keeping a slower pace for our days it allows for opportunities that wouldn’t work if we were running here or there and busy all of the time. Some wisdom I would share is to know the simplifying process is most definitely a journey and a process and to not be overwhelmed to start somewhere with one small thing then to take another step and do one more thing. Instead of being focused and upright about getting your home or routine just so and perfect, accept that simplifying is a process and enjoy every victory whether big or small. It is a journey worth taking 🙂

  6. Ashley Gurley says:

    It’s so hard to narrow it down to one thing that has been a benefit to me since simplifying my life! But I think the biggest thing is getting to spend more time doing what I love; being with my hubby and kids! We have more time AND money to make memories and I love it.

    As far as advice, I say remember this is a marathon, not a sprint! In fact, it’s a life long marathon!!! I’m not where I want to be yet. And there is no such thing as “arriving.” You will have periods of time where you make a bigger push to do things, but don’t feel you have to do it all at once! Remember why you are simplifying in the first place and don’t let it stress you!

  7. Kait says:

    I’m new to living a simpler life, but moving over the summer has really helped me declutter and cut down on “stuff” that takes up space. The blog on how being a homemaker is a Godly job has helped me be a better mom, wife, and person. My advice would be if it isn’t meaningful and brings joy to you and your family you don’t need it. Weather it’s 5 winter coats, or bending over backward for stance errands, cut out the “stuff.”

  8. Grace says:

    The way I embrace a simple life is by enjoy the little things in life like not buying thing that I dont really need I thank god because I’m not a compulsive shoper that really helps in keeping my house organized. I really like make memories from simple things especially in nature I love taking at walk in the woods its really so relaxing love to take my toddler to nature trails to the zoo take a walk in the neigborhood we really enjoy those moments anything that involves nature with are happy to be all three of us. I try my best to help people around me to do the same thing like my parents i take them sometimes with us and have them enjoy nature trails.

  9. Emily says:

    By living a simpler life, my perspective has changed. I am noticing and enjoying the gifts that God has given me more and craving less the things in this world that distract me. I have more time for what really matters. For those who are in the process (as I still am!), it helps me to remember that the hard changes are worth it and to think about what I want to be remembered for when my life is over. Is it for the stuff I have and being crazy busy? Or is it for taking the time for relationships?

  10. Brittany says:

    Keeping my home decluttered and organized makes my mind a little more clear and sticking to a routine helps me accomplish everything I want and need to get done I’ve also learned that some times you throw out the to do list and just have fun life is about balance I have three kids and we homeschool so there seems to always be a lot going on this helps me get it all done and have a little me time worked in each day Blessings!

  11. Clara says:

    I’ve learned several things by living a simpler life; the biggest one is patience. We are a single income family, so waiting until we have the money to buy something. But also learning patience as I wait for things in God’s timing. we have also gained improved health, because I cook almost everything from scratch.

  12. Kim P says:

    I’ve learned so many valuable lessons, some harder than others. One of the most important yet most difficult is learning to wait on God and His timing. Anytime my
    husband or I have decided to forge ahead with a decision, it has only ended in defeat. God’s timing and our patience has always proven to be the key to success, joy and contentment.

  13. I am learning that “to let go and let God” is better than my way to wait. Holding what is in my heart and hands won’t give me answer or solution but to let it go and leave it under the feet of Jesus, surrender to Him and His will, is the way to let God does what He can do and will do because He is one true living and loving God.

  14. Kim L. says:

    I just don’t buy as much anymore. Living off $700.00 a month this has helped me and my husband so much. Everything runs so much smoother in our house now.

    • Tammy says:

      Hi Kim L. Could you please tell us/me how on earth you live on 700.00 a month. Seriously we are considering a downsize and would love your input! Amazing!

  15. Linda P. says:

    I tried to simplify, and after my husband retired, life became even more complicated. Finally, I just began doing whatever he does (for the most part) and life automatically is becoming simpler! It surprised me.

    • That is interesting! I’ll have to give that some thought. I think this will be more relevant to me now that Mitch will be working from home, and as we re-establish our lives in a new place. Thank you Linda!

  16. Ivka says:

    My yesterdays search for hubby’s gloves was the last straw I needed to decide I have to seriously declutter. I found so many items I’ve had no idea about it’s ridiculous.
    Also, I’ve learned the value of time planning and using small pockets of time wisely. Instead of “just checking my phone for five minutes” – in reality for 15 min I focus on getting my to-do list done, and schedule an uninterrupted time to spend online, this time without guilt of waisting my time.

  17. Tricia says:

    Oh man, making me think deep here! 😉 One thing I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older and, I hope, wiser is to keep things in perspective. It’s all too easy to allow myself to get frustrated by things that in the grand scheme of things really are not important. I have so much to be grateful for and it is important to recognize that. Also, to savor the small moments, and not take your loved ones for granted. We never know how long any of us have on this earth!

  18. Tammy says:

    I have benefited by pursuing a simpler life by having margin in my day to see the simple things that bring such joy, my husbands smile, the tear in my students eye, the jar of soup that makes my elderly neighbors day. In my pursuit of simpler I have found life.

  19. Christine B says:

    The blog challenges me to look at my stuff and decide what I really need. This is a challenging process, but I’m slowly making progress.

  20. Amanda says:

    I am *currently* benefiting from decluttering and working through a simple routine at home as Katie wisely suggested on The Homemaking Foundations podcast :). I find my toddler more interested in her toys and books since I have put some away in storage and am planning to put them around the house in small baskets for her to find-and quick to pick up! Getting rid of a lot of stuff is helping me to manage the day to day picking up and spend more time with my little people and hopefully be less overwhelmed. When I question whether we may use an item again in the future, I’m free to be thankful that someone else needs it more now (find a donation center you really believe in!) and be so grateful that God has always been abundantly sufficient in meeting our needs. In the end, I can’t take any of this with me, but I can see souls again in eternity, so focusing on discipleship of our kids and others! God bless!

  21. Kelly B says:

    I have tried to embrace a simpler life by “stop-doing” things that don’t have value or just waste time. My word of wisdom is to take it slow and give grace! I, like many, want to make many changes at once and then I can’t keep up. I will end up quitting instead of sticking with a few things until they are mastered/quit/whatever I’m trying to accomplish.

  22. Debbie Oliver says:

    I have benefited from pursuing a simpler life in countless ways: more meaningful and focused time with the Lord, making memories with my children that I used to be “too busy” to stop working and do, less stress due to not obtaining more and more and then having to have the finances to support it and I have learned to relax without guilt (that is a biggie for me)!

    My words of wisdom would be to give yourself grace. Changes do not happen overnight, and we will have times when we slip back into old habits. The important thing is to keep trying. In the end the rewards will be bigger than you can imagine!

  23. Katelyn Pickett says:

    I try to be mindful of all the small time wasters and substitute them for things that are more important. Instead of reading a few mildly entertaining BuzzFeed articles, I’ll try to choose longer, but higher priority reading.

  24. sara says:

    Ooh, I love the concept of these boxes! I think one benefit of living a simpler is that it makes life less busy and affords the opportunity to Be Still more often with God. As a word of wisdom, I think it is so easy to get caught up with the culture in making things more complicated, so I think it is important to take time to abide in Him and to find like minded friends (and websites like this) for support. Thanks for another give way! Merry Christmas!

  25. Jenna says:

    I have saved a lot of money and time by menu planning for the week. By rotating menu plans, I am not in a mad rush at the 4-5pm hour.Think about what you are spending most of your time doing (picking up toys/dishes) and find ways to help (toy purge/dish purge). It is definitely worth it!

  26. Stacy T. says:

    I have benefited by pursuing a simple life in that I have more time for things that truly matter. Less time spent shopping, surfing Facebook and the internet means more time with family and friends. It’s a struggle sometimes, for sure, but focusing your time and energy on those around you yields the most contentment.

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