11 Signs You Might Be a First-Time Mom…

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Signs you might be a first-time mom

Now 15 months in to life with two kids, I reflect back and recognize a few things about myself as a first time mom.

As much as I didn’t want to stand out as a rookie who took everything too seriously, I did in fact, do that.

But that second child is a huge dose of reality.

So, if you’re a mom of 2+ kids, and you’re still doing any of the things on this list, you ROCK. Seriously. I’m impressed.

But, if you’re like me, you may find this list a bit comical as you reflect back on your behavior and attitudes as a new mom.

You Might Be a First-Time Mom IF..

11. You’ve said, “I can’t see myself owning a minivan.”

10. Oh the pictures. Your Facebook profile reveals a long string of photos of nothing but your child.

9. You can’t conceive of interrupting your child’s sleep schedule by choice. And you have serious concerns about those who would.

8. You put hand sanitizer on your child more than once per day. Actually, scratch that. You put hand sanitizer on your child.

7. By the age of two, your child has never set foot in a McDonald’s Playplace or mall playground.

6. That first birthday cake is your child’s first exposure to sugar. Ever. Next exposure? His second birthday.

first birthday cake

5. The reason you told all your friends about the time your child pooped in the bathtub was because it actually did sort of traumatize you.

4. Your child dressed up to go to the grocery store —in a coordinating, super-cute outfit. With a bow. And those clothes that don’t meet your standard of super-cute? Those are dead to you.

3. The shopping cart cover. 

2. Your child is on pace to count to 100, read and play the violin by age three.

1. Food that touches the floor is categorized as “inedible” and confiscated.

Those of you reading this who are first time moms and can’t imagine some of these things changing with that second baby, just you wait

It’s funny how things change. 🙂

Tell me, what would you add to this list? What are some funny attitudes you had or things you did as a first-time mom?


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  1. Emilee Yoder says:

    i am a first time mom, but the only one of those that applies to me is the sugar one and that’s literally because my son just started eating solid food a week ago.

    I was a nanny for 2.5 years and their mom was so laid back. I vowed that when I became a mom, I wouldn’t be uptight about germs and all that junk. Just roll with the punches and your kid will thrive just fine…

    • Good for you! I thought I wasn’t an uptight mom, and I still did all these things! It’s neat that you got to start with your kids as an “experienced parent.” I was definitely a super-novice.

  2. Jessicah says:

    Mom of 3, still using a shopping cart cover. Having a newborn contract conjunctivitis after his first and ONLY trip out of the house, during which I swiped a goober off his face let me know right away how nasty cart handles can be. I’m no germ-o-phobe, but that’s one simple way I reduce the colds and sicknesses in my tykes.

  3. Melissande says:

    #1 and #3! Yep!! Sooo true!

  4. Heidi says:

    Hahaha, as a mother of nine (and 7 grands so far), I can barely remember this attitude :D. How about “all pacifiers must be sterilized if dropped any where” ?

    • Oh yes… that’s funny. I definitely did that with my first, but no more! I love hearing the perspective of seasoned moms such as yourself. It’s so grounding. Thanks for reading. 🙂

  5. Martha says:

    6. Dora didn’t try of her first birthday cake! I am in thoughts about letting her taste this year!

    Totally agree with Facebook photos! In fact I believe some of many friends may blocked me! hohoho!

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