How to Plan a Marriage Retreat for Two eBook with Printables


Are you tired of seeing your marriage swept along in the current of life without clear direction? Are you ready to intentionally grow and prayerfully chart a course forward in the coming year?

If so, the How to Plan a Marriage Retreat eBook is for you!




In this 13 page eBook includes how to plan and structure your own personal marriage retreat, as well as six printable exercises to guide your time for maximum benefit.

My husband and I love our marriage retreats! We do one each year around our anniversary, and they allow us to reconnect and reevaluate our marriage. We set goals, have hard conversations, establish priorities, and spend time together and with God. Oh, and we also like to have fun! By the end of this getaway each year we are on track and full of purpose and vision.

Plan a marriage retreat with your spouse today! You’ll soon see why we love it!

The printable exercises included are:

Discerning Strengths and Weaknesses

Identifying Priorities

Setting Goals

Defining Focus

Creating a Marriage Purpose Statement

Considering “the kids”



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