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Hospitality: Tips to Creating a Welcoming Guest Room

|by | Simple Homemaking



With the upcoming holidays, you may have more opportunities to host over-night guests, than normal.  As much as it is easy to allow a “guest room” to become a “catch-all room”, putting a little extra thought into preparing a space for guests can help them feel comfortable and welcome.  These ideas can be also be modified to whatever space your guests will be staying in, whether or not you have a dedicated guest room.

Here are a few suggestions for some thoughtful touches:

When first setting up the room (long-term):

  • Extra, good quality pillows (both soft and firm), and extra blankets
  • A mattress pad (maybe even memory foam, etc)
  • A wastebasket
  • A nightstand with an alarm clock, lamp and Kleenex box
  • A place for guests to hang clothes, with some extra hangers
  • A seat of some sort, for guests to sit or put their bags
  • A framed WIFI login and password, such as this free 5×7 printable:

wifi graphic

Touches to add/refresh regularly before different guests:

  • Fresh, clean sheets/linens
  • Vacuum and dust, especially if the room isn’t used often
  • Possibly a small basket with a few snacks (granola bars, etc) and bottled water
  • A basket with un-opened toiletries.  This could be kept in the guest bedroom or bathroom.. A few suggestions of things to put in the basket:
    • un-opened toothbrush, toothpaste, floss
    • un-opened soap, razor, lip balm, feminine products
    • shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, lotion
    •  basic first aid items, such as Tylenol, Band-Aids, hand sanitizer
  • A basket with fresh towels and washcloths

A little extra thought can go a long way towards making your guests comfortable 🙂

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