Video Blog: Everything You Need to Know to Rock this Meal Planning Thing

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video blog what you need to know about meal planning


This week there’s a theme on the blog that you might have picked up on.

Meal Planning.

I’m not an expert on meal planning, but I do it.

I do it because it makes life better. It’s one discipline that’s truly worth the effort, particularly in chaotic life seasons.

I want to share how I do this so you will feel equipped to give it a try –or if you’re already planning out your meals in advance, to consider a couple of other ideas and resources that might help or interest you.

I want you to start reaping the benefits of having a plan! Plus, anyone who’s interested in an online meal planning service can take advantage of Build-A-Menu’s BOGO sale, which is going on this week only! (More on that below).

Let me explain more:


In this video I mentioned Build-A-Menu.

Well, this week only, Build-A-Menu is having a sale!

Now through Friday, when you buy the Classic Plan ($35) you will also receive the Done-4-You Plan for free! (an $82.95 value). I love having access to everything to use as needed. It’s a great deal!

That coupon code is: BAM12for35

If you’re looking for something to structure your meal planning, this might be just the ticket!

Do you meal plan? If so, why do you love it? If not, what’s stopping you?


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