Why Community Matters for Your Family

When my first child was born, I was consumed by the overwhelming feeling of desperation. The sleepless nights, the acid reflux, and the exhaustion all began to drain me day after day. All of the things that I didn’t know or expect as a new mom began to isolate and distance me from others. I believed the lie that I… Read more


How to Make a Friend (Hint: It May Require a Risk)

A godly friend is a blessing from the Lord. This is someone who speaks truth into our life, helps us when we fall, encourages us to stay the course, fixing our eyes on Jesus, and spurs us on towards love and good deeds. But sometimes, though we long for a friend, we aren’t sure how to make one. I’ve been… Read more


Creating a Culture of Generosity Among Mom-Friends

One thing I love about my circle of friends is the culture of generosity that’s been established. This is fitting for the Body of Christ, and it’s such a blessing both to receive and give. I can’t even begin to describe the ways we as moms and friends provide for each other in the currency of hand-me-downs. Last night I… Read more


Loving People Well: Tips for Encouraging Each Other Biblically

At times we all receive and probably give encouragement that sounds cliché, overly-optimistic, or maybe just very superficial—i.e., “Don’t worry, everything is going to turn out fine.” But even as we say it, we are half-wondering if it is true ourselves.  So, how can we encourage people in a deep, honest and scriptural way?  The Bible offers some insights into… Read more


The Power of a Thoughtful Gift

This morning I’m reminded of the power of a thoughtful gift. Not one given under compulsion, but one given in love. I recently told a friend I wanted to start a mug collection (mostly because she has one and she’s super cool). For me, coffee is one of life’s simple pleasures. I enjoy it so much every day. It’s simple and comforting.… Read more

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