Becoming Self-Aware in Marriage: How to Identify Unmet Expectations and What to Do Next

  Your expectations powerfully define your experience in this life. As one of my favorite authors Anne Ortlund says, “Life is determined by what happens between your ears.” Or as my mother-in-law aptly puts it, “Life is all about expectations.” Yet so many of us muddle through life not knowing ourselves, not understanding that we hold expectations of those around us, which… Read more


Love the Ox: Gaining Perspective in Marriage

  My husband made a killer brisket recently. As a result there are smears of grease on the back door and a trickle of some magic sauce across the patio, and I won’t even talk about the counter tops.  Ah, the tell tale signs that hubby is home and up to something. Doesn’t he see the smears, crumbs, splats and grime… Read more


For Wives: 7 Biblical Tips for Resolving Conflict in Marriage

My husband and I don’t exactly “fight” in the normal sense. I think it’s because we’re both introspective types. In 5 years of marriage, we’ve never yelled at each other or whatever a fight consists of. We’re not above it, so it may happen, but it’s not our natural temperament, and I’m okay with that. However, during these past 5 years… Read more

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