Heavenly Minded Scripture Memory Set

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Memorizing scripture is the perfect way to hide it in our hearts. In this way, we meditate on God’s word and learn to apply it to our lives in real time and real situations. It becomes a tool the Holy Spirit can use to shape and mold us.

Scripture memory will help us set our hearts and minds and hope on heavenly things. That is why I’ve created the Heavenly Minded Scripture Memory Set.

This set includes printable decorative scripture memory cards featuring 24 or my favorite eternal perspective themed verses. These are the verses that have reframed the way I see motherhood and life.

All verses are taken from the New International Version of the Bible.

This set can stand alone, or work as a companion to:

It includes:

  • Printable tracking sheet
  • 24 decorative scripture memorization cards themed around eternal perspective
  • A short video tutorial showing one way to memorize scripture using this tracking system

And the bonuses!

Also included are six BONUS beautiful scripture art prints themed around perspective.

Don’t wait to sew seeds of perspective deep into your heart.

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