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2014 was a big year for this blog.

Top Posts of 2014 on Embracing a Simpler Life

By January 1st of last year, the idea of being a blogger had never even entered my head.

By February I began thinking about simple living and what it would mean to do this intentionally.

By March I was very excited about not only embracing a simpler life, but also starting a blog on the topic to give my writing an outlet. I checked out every relevant book on blogging my local library had to offer and became a student of the concept.

By April I was actively pursuing, designing, investing, planning my blog. It seemed a perfect fit: an opportunity to write, get out a message that God had placed on my heart, and hopefully to build a foundation for a future income-earner that would allow me to work from home after the kids were all in school.

By May it was launched it to all my friends and family and became a 2-3 posts per week commitment, along with the social media.

By June I was hitting my stride. Getting up early, writing, being creative, thought processing, building relationships with readers and other bloggers. I was writing posts for weeks in advance, scheduling Facebook posts ahead of time and developing my first Instagram presence. I was on a roll.

By August I attended my first blogging conference and began considering all the exciting possibilities of this platform.

By September I found out I was pregnant, a very exciting yet unplanned development that did not fit in well with my blogging goals.

By October, through the sickness and fatigue of first trimester, my “post store” was depleted and my Facebook page saw hardly any action.15931502062_5eec12bc13_z

By November I was in survival mode. “Just maintain. I’ll be able to pursue this again soon.” Posts were mostly contributor-written and less frequent than ideal. Fortunately this blog has amazing contributing writers.

By December God began digging deeply into my heart motivations and changing my sense of purpose. I began to lay down my goals of earning an income through my blog, and opened my hands.

I realized that all this work (it’s fun, trust me), might not be to pay off debt and support my family as I had once surmised, but rather to be an instrument for God, a platform through which He can speak.

A minister of His grace.

He needed to get my attention. To strip away a little of that innate ambition I seem to have in spades. And I see now how the course of this year, especially this pregnancy, has lead me to just that.

I’m glad He didn’t wait too long to get my attention. I hope I don’t soon forget.

So thank you, dear Reader, for joining me on this journey. Thank you for giving me the grace to grow and not have it all figured out.


Just for fun, as a look back, I dug into the recesses of Google Analytics and uncovered the most read posts of 2014.


Top Posts of 2014 on Embracing a Simpler Life

1. One Revolutionary Trick to Make Your Home Far More Manageable

Make Your Home Manageable


2. 3 Apps You Won’t Find on My Phone (& Why Not)

3 apps you wont find on my phone and why not facebook


3. 90 Date Night Questions for Christian Married Couples: Liven Things Up

Date Night Questions for Christian Married Couples


4. Simplify Your Home Series: The Refrigerator/Freezer

today's project_refridgerator and freezer


5. 11 Signs You Might Be A First-Time Mom

Signs you might be a first-time mom


6. Simplify Your Home Series: The Utensil Drawer

simplify your utensil drawer


7. A Fresh Look at Biblical Modesty

modest woman


8. Minimal Baby: Cut the Clutter, Enjoy the Child

by Ashely Haupt of Little Pieces of Ordinary blog, contributing writer

minimal baby facebook


9. Why We Don’t Do Traditional Birthday Presents (For Now) & What We Do Instead

Clara on her birthday


10. For the Mom Who’s Weary of Entertaining Her Children

for the mom whos weary of entertaining her children


Popular Guest Posts on Other Sites

I also had a couple of guest posts that did well on other blogs, both of which made the “Top of 2014” lists on their respective blogs:

3 Things I Leave Out on My Kitchen Counter (& 3 Things I Don’t)

on The Humbled Homemaker’s Top Posts of 2014 List

3 Things I leave out on my kitchen counter2

How to Create a Welcoming Entryway

on Young Wife’s Guide’s Tops Posts of 2014 List

how to create a welcoming entryway


I hope that 2015 will bring words and posts that challenge, encourage and inspire you towards God and His ways alone.

I’m excited for what this year holds.


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  1. Joyce says:

    Wow, it is so good to see God working in someone”s life. I enjoyed your post! I will comment back http://www.oldefashionmom.com

  2. Michelle says:

    Katie I am so excited for all The Lord has for you and this blog this year! Looking forward to reading and gleaning from your posts 🙂

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