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6 Ways to Be More Productive Around the Home

By Katie Bennett, creator of Embracing a Simpler Life. I am not naturally a on-top-of-it or productive homemaker. As a child I was messy, and probably even lazy, when it came to keep my room clean. Those tendencies were harder to overcome than I expected when I finally had a home of my own to care for. I wanted this… Read more


Asking God for a Prayer for Each Child

One of the neatest things I’ve done in my prayer life is ask God for specific prayers to pray for my children. It all started when a close friend shared that, ever since her son was quite young, she’d had it on her heart to pray that he would be one who includes others. She asked God to give him a heart to… Read more


How to Be Content with What You Have: 6 Strategies that Work

There’s only one good way to live life, and that is with contentment. What you have or don’t have ultimately doesn’t determine the quality of your days or the satisfaction you feel, the state of your heart does. A quick study of the Bible’s references to contentment illustrate that it is a discipline, not an accident. It is a life-giving, intentional choice. Philippains 4:11-12… Read more