5 Verses to Memorize for When You Don’t Feel Motivated

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Today I’m Guest Posting at Young Wife’s Guide to Gospel-Centered Homemaking. In fact, I’m honored to be a monthly contributor there starting today.

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My journey to becoming a gospel-centered homemaker has been a long and rocky road.

And it’s far from over.

You see, my natural-born tendency is to be idle and lazy. Disorder hasn’t always bothered me as much as, perhaps, it should have.

Growing up, my room was messy as could be, and many of the concepts of a clean, well-run home were lost on me, despite my mother’s best efforts.

Today, as a woman with a home and family of my own, I see the value and godliness of keeping it in order. This not only serves my family, providing a higher quality of life, but it also opens the door to abundant hospitality.

To say I’ve had to dig deep for the motivation to work hard at home would be an understatement…

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