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Eternity-Minded Mothering: A Beginner’s Guide to Discipling Your Children Towards Christ

|by | Mothering with Eternity in Mind

The best thing we could invest into our children’s lives is not a love for sports, or reading, or the outdoors. No, the best thing we could invest in our children is a love for God, a knowledge of His word and guidance for what it looks like live accordingly. It’s eternity-minded mothering.

Every single thing that is contained solely within this physical world will pass away and be forgotten, and yet there are also many pursuits and inclinations of the heart that strike a chord in eternity. We have the opportunity to foster either or both of these things in the lives of our children.

The temporary is not bad, it’s just temporary.

Those great manners, straight-A report cards and advanced athletic and fine arts accomplishments will one day cease to hold meaning in and of themselves. What will hold enduring value is the way we and our children loved God and loved others sacrificially, along with the way we walked in faithful, trusting obedience to God.

It’s really that simple.

The most humble, faithful of lives will be elevated above the most glorified on this earth. God’s economy is completely other than ours, and as parents, we would be wise to pay attention to this eternal equation.

So how do we foster lasting value in our children’s lives?

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