Strawberry Picking and How to {Easily} Clean and Prep Strawberries

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Strawberry Picking

I had the best time picking strawberries with my family a week or so ago. We went to a local strawberry patch and loaded up a box with beautiful red ripe strawberries. I think we quoted The Big Hungry Bear about 20 times (an excellent, classic book for kids).

The weather was beyond amazing. The strawberries were ripe and ready. Clara was interested in the task. They had the biggest tire swing I’ve ever seen. And our friends were there with us. So fun.

strawberry picking

All in all we walked away with seven pounds of strawberries. It sounds like a lot, but we really like strawberries.

However, they can be a lot of work to clean and prep, especially if you have seven pounds. We like to cut ours into fourths and mix them with sugar to bring out the juices. It can become quite an undertaking.

An efficient approach can definitely reduce the work and dishes dirtied. Here’s how we prep strawberries.

how to easily clean and prep strawberries2

1. Wipe out the disposal side of your sink with soap and water and plug it.

2. Place the strawberries in the sink and fill it with cool water until strawberries are well covered and floating.

3. Add a small amount of dish soap and swirl the strawberries around to loosen dirt

washing strawberries in the sink

4. With a small pairing knife, top and slice strawberries one at a time. Let the unwanted pieces fall back into the sink and place the good pieces in a bowl.

5. When finished, pull the plug on the drain and run the garbage disposal.

Voila! You’re done with almost no mess and no needless extra steps or dirty dishes.


What is your favorite way to consume fresh strawberries?


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