Are Toys Everywhere Driving You Crazy? Get Your Sanity Back.

I have learned a very wonderful secret about the constant toy mess my three little kids make. What is it? …I have control. Now I don’t mean “controlling” my children by making them pick up after themselves or only play with one thing at a time. Honestly, that drives me more insane than if I just do it myself because that’s a… Read more


How to Organize a Simple and Functional Pantry With Baskets

A guest post by Jan Bennett, my amazingly organized mother-in-law! Organizing your pantry so that you can find what you are looking for can be a challenge. I have a small, closet-style pantry with deep shelves, making it difficult to see all of the products I keep stuffed in there. I have developed a system that is working great for… Read more


Today’s Project: Simplify Your Medicine Cabinet

This is a series in which we challenge you to simplify a different area of your home each month. We keep it pretty …simple. If you’re like me, your medical supplies are cluttered and unorganized. I found myself rummaging around and having difficulty finding what I needed. My inspiration for this project came after some late-night heartburn. I got up, searched extensively for something… Read more


Today’s Project: Simplify Your Refrigerator & Freezer

This is a series in which we resource and challenge you to simplify a different area of your home each week. So let’s get at it! The Refrigerator Does your refrigerator get cluttered? Do you struggle to find things? Have you lost track of what’s in it? Do you have an excess of random jars, bottles, and Tupperware that aren’t getting… Read more

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