Serving Even When Your Hands Are Full

As a child and even into my teenage years, I remember going to church with my mom on Saturday nights to fold bulletins. The smell of the printed paper, the sound of the paper cutter, and trying to avoid paper cuts were all too familiar to me. I use to dread this. I wondered why in the world my mom… Read more


Dealing With Life Envy

Guest Post by: Kristin Sterk of Only By Grace We all do it, whether we realize it or not. We have all, at some point, in some way, wished our lives looked like someone else’s. That is what I like to call: LIFE ENVY. Have you ever read a post on Facebook, a blog, saw pictures on Instagram, or read… Read more


How to Hygge with Small Children

Are you familiar with the term “hygge”? Chances are you have seen this little Danish word in an article or heard it on a podcast. The idea has become pretty popular recently. And with good reason, too, because who doesn’t want to talk about how we can make our homes cozier and our lives more rich with the things which bring us… Read more


How to Eat Healthy Without Making Your Diet an Idol

Do you need some motivation to make your health a priority in 2017? Join us for the 15 Days to a Healthier You challenge! Only a few days left to sign up! At one point in my life, I thought being a nutritionist was the job for me. I love food but I also love encouraging others to be healthier. The food pyramid… Read more


27 of the Simple, Good Things in Life

Sometimes we get so wound up in our daily lives and problems and mediocre pursuits, that we fail to see or appreciate or enjoy the good that God has provided for us. Sometimes we go looking for a life worth living in all the wrong places. We spend the day away surfing the internet and social media, or idling in… Read more


Living Simply Is Living Within Your Means

There’s a cycle I’ve observed in the world. In fact, I see it in my own life. It goes like this: Two individuals get married. They have two incomes, plenty of time and enthusiasm. They are excited about their careers. This allows them to have the nice things they want, so they purchase a home on the upper end of their budget, finance… Read more

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