My Takeaways from the Make Over Your Mornings eCourse

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the Make Over Your Mornings eCourse. You’ve probably heard me mention it several times because it has truly impacted my life, and I’m excited about that! A few readers asked for updated thoughts once I completed the course. I’m happy to say, I GRADUATED! 🙂 I took it seriously and completed each day and… Read more


It Is More Blessed to Give than To… Sell Your Stuff

I’m a young mom on a tight budget. When I get an idea of something extra I’d like to buy (a headboard for our daughter, a swing set, new shrubs), inevitably, my husband gives me “that look” and says, “Great. How are you going to pay for that?” My usual reply is, “No problem! I’ll just sell some stuff!” However,… Read more


Minimalist Baby: Cut the Clutter, Enjoy the Child

I’ve found that a minimalist baby is a happy baby, and a minimalist baby mom is much less stressed! Here are the inside tips of what you don’t actually need. My fourth and last baby just turned ten months old.  I am officially a seasoned baby-mom.  But I had my newbie days and I remember them well. When we had… Read more


The Power of a Thoughtful Gift

This morning I’m reminded of the power of a thoughtful gift. Not one given under compulsion, but one given in love. I recently told a friend I wanted to start a mug collection (mostly because she has one and she’s super cool). For me, coffee is one of life’s simple pleasures. I enjoy it so much every day. It’s simple and comforting.… Read more

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