6 Ways to Be More Productive Around the Home

By Katie Bennett, creator of Embracing a Simpler Life. I am not naturally a on-top-of-it or productive homemaker. As a child I was messy, and probably even lazy, when it came to keep my room clean. Those tendencies were harder to overcome than I expected when I finally had a home of my own to care for. I wanted this… Read more


My Favorite Things About Early Morning

Can I just say that I have a favorite time of day? As an introspective type, I thrive on a certain amount of time alone each day. This is when I can put two thoughts together, when I spend quality time with God, and when I am productive in ways that are important to me. While I get to be alone during nap time… Read more


My Takeaways from the Make Over Your Mornings eCourse

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the Make Over Your Mornings eCourse. You’ve probably heard me mention it several times because it has truly impacted my life, and I’m excited about that! A few readers asked for updated thoughts once I completed the course. I’m happy to say, I GRADUATED! 🙂 I took it seriously and completed each day and… Read more

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