How to Love Your Family Without Making an Idol

I had been a Christian for years. As a young, married, mother-of-two, I loved God, and I made reading and following His word a priority in my life. And yet, somewhere in the midst of getting run over by that bus called “motherhood,” I began to notice that I was fearing a lot. I couldn’t bear all the looming possibilities… Read more


Seven Habits for Healthy Conflict Resolution in Marriage

This is my first post here on Embracing A Simpler Life, and I am excited that Katie has invited me to share. I love reading along and have been blessed by the community here and on the EASL Facebook group. I just know we will get along splendidly! While I was considering post topics, I asked my husband for ideas and he suggested I write… Read more


Why We Do a Yearly Marriage Retreat (for Two)

Six and a half years ago I had the privilege of saying, “I do” to a tall, gentle, steadfast, godly man. My young 22 year-old-self did not understand what a catch he truly was. All I knew was that God was in it. Now, three kids later, I am still learning to mine this precious relationship for all it has… Read more


I Used to Think I Needed Date Night for a Thriving Marriage

I love date nights with my husband! They are a great time for us to have fun together and talk. Throughout my six and a half year marriage, I have valued date nights very highly. When our first child was born almost five years ago, these escalated to a marriage-survival-necessity in my book. During many, many months my husband and I would live for those… Read more


Becoming Self-Aware in Marriage: How to Identify Unmet Expectations and What to Do Next

  Your expectations powerfully define your experience in this life. As one of my favorite authors Anne Ortlund says, “Life is determined by what happens between your ears.” Or as my mother-in-law aptly puts it, “Life is all about expectations.” Yet so many of us muddle through life not knowing ourselves, not understanding that we hold expectations of those around us, which… Read more

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