Biblical Hospitality and Unexpected Guests

Have you ever had someone you know unexpectedly knock on your door? I’ve always struggled with whether to invite them in or just see if they quickly need something. I want to be hospitable, but sometimes their visit catches me off guard. This usually looks like me trying to hide the leftover breakfast crumbs on the table and the blocks… Read more


3 Things You Can Do to Raise Hospitable Children

I am afraid that the practice of hospitality in our society today is quickly becoming the exception and not the rule. And no wonder, when our lives are filled to the brim and so much of our interaction with our “neighbors” and friends happens online. I’ll be the first to admit that it is often easier to try to check… Read more


12 Tips to Creating a Welcoming Guest Room

With the upcoming holidays, you may have more opportunities to host over-night guests, than normal. As much as it is easy to allow a “guest room” to become a “catch-all room”, putting a little extra thought into preparing a space for guests can help them feel comfortable and welcome. These ideas can be also be modified to whatever space your… Read more

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