On Laying Aside “What I Think I Deserve” to Follow Jesus (as a Mother)

I feel that God is calling me to a deeper life. (And you!) This is a shift that’s happened subtly over the past several months. Somewhere along the line I began surrendering my expectations about my life to God. These were expectations of things like comfort, help, control, sleep, breaks, entertainment, pampering, “me time,” goals, date-nights and personal pursuits. I began letting go of… Read more


Christmas Meditations: What I’m Learning from Mary

I love the Christmas story. Each year as I take time to read it and soak it in, I am drawn to new truths and depths. This year is no different. Twice this month my daughter and I have watched The Nativity Movie together. This is a yearly tradition for me, and it has influenced the way I relate to the story profoundly. Watching… Read more


Worship like Never Before This Christmas

Every year I’m more undone at Christmastime than I was the year before. My eyes and heart are opened just a little further. I take in a fraction more of the magnitude and glory of what God did in the moment when He emerged into our reality in human form. A baby. Jesus. … My daughter and I have been researching… Read more


Don’t Forget to Live For God in the Midst of Life’s Uncertainty

Lately I’ve watched friends go through seasons of unknowns. These are seasons with which I, too, am well acquainted. Whether it’s waiting for a job opportunity, selling a home, trying to get pregnant, waiting for test results, or worse, so often we must wait to see how God will work things out. So often we are anxious for these outcomes. And in the midst… Read more


How to Worship God When You Pray and Why You Should

How do your prayers sound? If you’re like most of us, they probably a involve mostly a lot of requests on behalf of others and a lot of “me’s.” Help me, heal me, change me, guide me, forgive me. These are all wonderful and powerful prayers to pray. However, unfortunately, that’s as far as many of us ever get. Our prayers… Read more


9 Bible Verses to Usher You Into the Presence of God

Sometimes the most powerful motivator for me to slow the busyness of life to BE with God is a simple invitation, spoken straight from His Word. To such an invitation, my spirit can’t help but say, “yes!” As I talked with one of my nearest, dearest friends this week, she mentioned a list she’d curated of Bible verses about spending time with God.… Read more

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