What it Really Means to be Content

A few weeks ago, I shared a little bit of our story over at In this post, I explained that early in our marriage, my husband and I faithfully adhered to a strict budget. As our goals and life-seasons progressed, the necessity of a budget continued. And even now, despite nine years of discipline, we must still watch our… Read more


On Staying Grateful and Content (Even on Cyber Monday)

Have you ever noticed that we tend to take a hard left turn after Thanksgiving? We spend the day filled with joy, reflecting on the abundant blessings in our lives, cultivating relationships with our families, slowing down and enjoying the simple things in life: good food and togetherness. Then, the very next day we wake up to a whole new… Read more


My One Word for 2016: “Be”

Are you all familiar with the “one word” exercise? This is where you spend time praying quietly and asking God to give you a focus for the coming year. You condense the sentiment down to one word (which makes it focused and memorable) and then come back to that word often, allowing it to guide your decisions throughout the year in a… Read more


Living Simply Is Living Within Your Means

There’s a cycle I’ve observed in the world. In fact, I see it in my own life. It goes like this: Two individuals get married. They have two incomes, plenty of time and enthusiasm. They are excited about their careers. This allows them to have the nice things they want, so they purchase a home on the upper end of their budget, finance… Read more

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