a simple girls guide to stitch fix

For many reasons I have really enjoyed Stitch Fix.

Mostly, their clothes are nicer than what I normally wear, and I don’t have to go out shopping and I’m not likely to go overboard, since I’m only choosing between five items.

Being able to choose a few, high-quality items to purchase without leaving my home is a significant advantage in this season of life with three little children.

It’s all low-risk and simple, and it allows me to have a few trendy and stylish pieces in my wardrobe, which I try to keep pretty minimal.

My appearance is something I’ve made a conscious effort to invest in over the past months, and that’s been a good change for me.

I have some thoughts on the topic.

I can’t help being struck by the simplicity of this way of shopping. For someone like me, this is a blessing. Here’s why.


Why Stitch Fix Appeals to Me

  • I have three little kids. Shopping is hard, no matter which way you slice it.
  • I’m not great at styling myself. I want to look good, but putting it all together is not my gift in life. It’s actually a point of undue stress.
  • I’ve heard the quality of the items is high. While I sincerely want that, I don’t know if I could bring myself to shop $80 jeans when left to my own devices. I need a bit of a push to consider quality options.
  • I met someone who loves it. That ultimately sold me.
  • Through a referral credit system, there is opportunity to defray the cost.
  • It’s relatively low risk. If it’s a total bomb, I’m only out $20, and I can return-ship it directly from home.


How it Works

Many of you may have heard about Stitch Fix. It’s a site where you sign up, fill out a style profile, and then receive a box in the mail containing five clothing items, selected by a personal stylist. You try them on at home, think about them, and then return the ones you don’t want in a prepared package. They absorb the shipping costs.

You only pay for what you keep, although if you return everything, they will charge you a $20 styling fee.

The style profile is detailed, which helps us get what successful matches. I selected my favorite style from photos.

This was the style I chose as my favorite of the options:


and this was second:



The Simplicity of Stitch Fix

  • Shopping this way is less overwhelming because I’m only considering five items. I do so in the comfort of my home, and I have time to get opinions.
  • With Stitch Fix I never need to leave my home to clothes shop, but I still get to try things on. This way I can reserve outings for more of the things the kids will enjoy and spend time with my family.
  • Returns are ready to go. There’s no need to go to the post office!
  • As far as I’ve heard and can tell, Stitch Fix clothing is of a good quality. My hope is to gradually update and hone my wardrobe with stylish, quality pieces that I love.


My Posts on the Subject

Why I’m Making an Investment in My Appearance: Thoughts on Modesty and Minimalism

Thoughts on Simplicity and Stitch Fix (a review of my first Fix)

And a Video Review of my second Fix:

All in all, it’s been a fun process. I began to schedule a third Fix, and then realized, I’m content with the clothes I have.

Perhaps this summer I will try it again.


4 Tips for Loving Your Fix

1. Request a pair of jeans

This is totally based on my own experience, but try the jeans. Stitch Fix jeans are magic.

2. Create a Pinterest board

Within your style profile, you will have the opportunity to link to a Pinterest board you’ve created to represent your style. I have one (my Looking Nice and Keeping it Classy board), and I’ve heard over and over again that these boards are highly regarded by Stitch Fix stylists and very helpful in finding you those perfect items.

3. Be detailed

You have space to write “anything else” at the bottom of your profile. I included things like “must be able to wear a normal bra” and “I look good in muted colors with cool-undertones.” If you know something about yourself and what you’re looking for, they want to know it!

4. Be willing to make adjustments and try again.

Honing your style profile and allowing the Stitch Fix Stylists to get to know your preferences is a process.

And with that, figuring out how to interpret everything on the style profile is a process.

The first time I filled out my style profile I requested loose-fitting tops as well as a size larger than normal, (since I knew my postpartum body needed some extra room). However, these two things combined made for tops that were much too roomy. For my second fix I went down a size and requested “straight-fitting” tops and was much happier!


Try Stitch Fix for Yourself!


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