30 Days to Renewed Perspective Scripture Writing Plan

I have found scripture writing to be a powerful method to help me focus on and engage with God’s word. That’s why I created a 30 Day Scripture writing plan for you! It’s filled with some key verses and passages of scripture that you’ll recognize from Heavenly Minded Mom. 

I’ve broken it up into small chunks so that this plan should be doable in only about 10 minutes per day, although if you spend more time reflecting… wonderful!

You can download it here.


Heavenly Minded Mom Online Course

This online course was one that I created before I ever imagined I would write an entire devotional out of the same content.

It is a four-part video course designed to communicate the significance of eternal perspective in motherhood and to inspire further Bible reading and study. It touches on many of the same concepts as Heavenly Minded Mom (the book), but using different language and exploring slightly different facets of perspective. I hope it will be a helpful supplement to what you’ve already read!

Enroll in the course here, and use code HMMBOOK to get it for free!


Eternal Perspective Themed Scripture Coloring Pages

Meditating on scripture is a powerful means of life transformation because, after all, these words are not your average words. They are living and active!

This is why I’ve created a set of scripture coloring pages centered around Heavenly Minded Mom themes. You can download them for free here, and then spend time prayerfully considering these words as you color. (They make great activities with children too!)

Get the 2 Corinthians coloring page here: Download

Get the Ecclesiastes coloring page here: Download

Get the Matthew coloring page here: Download


The Podcast

One way that I am continuing the conversation surrounding perspective is on the Embracing a Simpler Life Podcast. In each episode my husband and I explore how eternity influences how we see different areas of our lives. I would love for you to join us over there!

Listen directly in your browser here.

Listen on iTunes here.

Or search for “Embracing a Simpler Life” in your podcast listening app.

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