Favorite Children’s Bibles

Read Aloud Bible Stories

This Bible storybook set is wonderful for children ages 1-4. I am amazed how effective they are at reaching my young children! My three year old connects with and understands the stories. He is learning truths about God and I love it.

Highly recommend!

Jesus Storybook Bible

I learn so much from this Bible storybook. It puts the Bible stories into such poignant language and draws out truth in a profound way. Sally Lloyd-Jones does a wonderful job showing Christ in every story in the Bible, Old and New Testament.

It’s powerful.

Children’s Easy-to-Read Bible

This is the Bible we decided on for my 5-year-old. I couldn’t wait any longer to get a complete, full Bible into her hands, and she has really taken to it! I love seeing her dive in!

This Bible is not paraphrased, but it is put into simple vocabulary. It was originally created for deaf people, and since sign language has fewer words, it also became a useful print version for those with a simple vocabulary (i.e. young children, EASL learners, etc).

This version is definitely accessible to our lower-elementary student. We have been very happy with it!