✔Do you need encouragement to set your mind on things above?

✔Do you long for eternal hope? Hope that will not disappoint you?

✔Do you need help focusing in for more fruitful Bible reading time?

I’ve created a free 30 Day Scripture Writing Plan to help you do just that!

I’ve found scripture writing as a simple-yet-effective means to slow down my mind and focus on God’s word. That’s why I’ve compiled a plan filled with some of my absolute favorite Bibles verses.

This collection is intended to help you shift your perspective to enteral things and to see life in that light.

It takes only about 10 minutes per day to complete. Over the course of 30 days, my hope is that you will walk away with renewed perspective and eyes fixed on Jesus.

Simply print it out and stick it in your Bible. Grab a notebook or journal and start experiencing God’s word in a tangible way starting today!