jan-bluebonnets-sunset-BKB_8687Hello! My name is Jan Bennett and I am the ‘senior’
contributor to Embracing a Simpler Life. (Senior, as in age, not as in ‘the big kahuna’!!) I am Mom to 3 sons, Jan to 1 husband of 30+ years and 2 daughters-in-law, and Nana to 6 grandkids. Most amazingly, I am a daughter to our Father above.

I have lived in Indiana, Tennessee, and Missouri and now reside in Dallas. I have experienced being a newly-wed, a stay at home mom, a working mom and an empty nester. It’s been a great ride! In all these places and all these stages, it has been my passion to create a home where my family, friends, and even strangers, feel loved, comfortable and welcome. Being organized, avoiding over-commitments, getting rid of stuff, being efficient and having a routine, among other things, have been a great help for me in having the home I desire. I have learned many lessons and, thankfully, am still learning.

I thank my daughter-in-law, Katie (the real big kahuna of this blog) for inviting me on this journey with her and all of you. I look forward to sharing thoughts with you on embracing a simpler life.

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