More Than Just Making It: Experiencing God’s Unexpected Gifts in a Season of Less

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experiencing God's Unexpected Gifts in a Season of Less

Sometimes a season of not getting or having everything we want, is what’s needed to produce the good fruit of contentment, gratitude and trust in God.

During my young life I never worried about money. My parents just, sort of, took care of it, and I always had everything I needed and many things I wanted too. They thoughtfully made spending decisions, but money never felt prohibitive.

After graduating college, I married my husband. Both of us were teachers and eventually found jobs in the same city.

For two years we enjoyed the DINK lifestyle (Double Income No Kids). We went out on regular dates, shopped at whatever grocery stores we wanted, and all the while saw our savings account grow every single month. We bought a house and began fixing it up as fast as we could do the work.

However, as my second year of teaching drew to a close, my belly also grew rounder. We were expecting a baby girl!

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