6 Special Mother’s Day Cards Kids Can Make

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6 special mothers day cards kids can make

When it comes to Mother’s Day, moms do not mostly want gifts. I know this, because I did a survey in the Embracing a Simpler Life Community Facebook Group! (Find it by joining our newsletter)

Overwhelmingly, what most moms want is a simple day with their families, and simple gestures of appreciation and service. So rather than doing a “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas” post, I’m doing a round up of hand-made cards kids can make in no time!

Because for me, little things like this, things that represent our motherhood so well, mean far more anyway. And that’s what Mother’s Day is really about: a relationship.

So, I did some searching, and these were my favorites! Choose one for your kids to make for their grandmas!

Memory Links

I know this isn’t a card, but it’s a non-traditional one!

This is probably my favorite idea, because it involves memories. I love, love, love reminiscing. It makes me happy! This is a sweet idea from RealSimple.com.


Find it here.

Cupcake Liner Flower Mother’s Day Card

This one is just. so. cute. I would love to see this on display in my home!


Find it here.

Mother’s Day Questionnaire

This is an easy printable! It’s only for mothers, not grandmothers unfortunately, but I love the personalized element!


Find it here.

Finger Print Flower

Finger prints and handprints encapsulate a moment in time. They are truly sweet.


Find it here.

Stitched Up Mother’s Day Card

I think this one is really cute and creative!


Find it here.

Face-Flower Cupcake-Liner Card

On one hand, this is kind of strange. On the other hand, it’s kind of sweet. 🙂

I like the customized child illustrations. That’s what makes it a true keepsake. And it’s fanciful, which is fun.


Find it here.

Today’s the day to do it! It’s the Friday before Mother’s Day! Pick a card to make with your children today for the special women in their lives.

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