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I am excited to say, it’s Ultimately Homemaking Bundle time!

Last year I purchased this bundle purely as a homemaker interested in the value and content. I specifically honed in on 3 or 4 of the eBooks, which were very practical and helpful and made my small investment more than pay for itself.

This year I actually get to be a part of the Bundle (in a very small way… but still exciting for me!) I’ve also already purchased mine again and have discovered some special favorites among what’s included. More on that below…

Throughout the past year, my first in the blogging world, I’ve gotten to know many of these authors either through their blogs or even personally. There are many, many godly, wise, trusted names that I recognize among them, and also some specific eBooks and resources that I’ve personally read or utilized and recommend.

I would strongly encourage any homemaker to check this out.

It’s comprised of 100 eBooks, eCourses and Bonuses. A $1274+ value!

Note: This Bundle is only available April 20-27th since these authors sell their books individually throughout the year. So time is limited!

As I said, if even a few things stand out to you, it is worthwhile to buy the bundle. Many of these resources are individually priced at or above the bundle price. Overall, it’s truly a great deal!


 My Favorite Things


I wasn’t able to read or go through everything in the bundle (obviously), and that wasn’t my goal, but of the things that stood out to me there are a few that I especially love.

Homemaking from Scratch online conference ($29.95 value)

HomemakingFromScratchConference2-225x300Remember how I said I was involved in the bundle in a small way? Well… I was a speaker at this conference back in the fall, and now I find out that it’s included in the bundle! So cool. I spoke on prioritizing time with God as a homemaker.

I also participated in the conference and thought it was great! Many much wiser women than I spoke and all that video is included. I heard from many other participants how impactful and encouraging the conference was and I think it could be for you too.

Preschool Alphabet Packet ($4.00 value)

PreschoolAlphabetPacket-225x300Among the many neat homeschooling resources included with this bundle is this packet of 245 pages of all kinds of educational activities for preschoolers.

I love things I can print at home, and it’s so nice to have them all in one place rather than having to search the internet and download from strange sites.

I will definitely use these!



The Heart of Simplicity ($9.99 Value)

TheHeartOfSimplicity-225x300This eBook aligns so well with everything I’ve learned about simplicity and homemaking and mothering.

Here’s a quote from the introduction that speaks volumes to me:

“We pray that we can bring a breath of fresh air to those struggling under the weight of the clutter they no longer wish to bear, whether this be physical clutter, or that of an emotional or spiritual nature.
Surrendering all the excess so that we can more fully serve the Lord is foundational to the work we do in our homes.”

One Bite at a Time ($8.00 Value)

one-bite-3d-225x300Tsh is a blogger I follow. She writes about simple living in a winsome, deep and global way. I am very impressed with this book. It’s professional, organized, thorough, high-quality and practically helpful for anyone looking to find a simpler way to live.

It’s divided up into 52 projects (one per week), but it also has a well-organized index to help you find the projects in which you’re most interested or focus first on your greatest areas of need.


Home Planned ($5.99 Value)

HomePlanned2-225x300If you use or have thought about using a homemaking binder, this set of home planning printables will be very exciting for you as it is for me. It includes guides to help set routines, goals, meal plan, and personal fitness.

It even goes so far as to include printable chore cards for kids!

Actually, I’m pretty excited about all the planning-related printables, which include those for home and life. The Sweet Life Planner is another that I’ve heard of, but never bit the bullet to purchase myself (normally $35). Now I have it! It’s super cute.

Live for Him: A Grace-filled Look at Planning ($6.00 Value)

LiveForHim2-225x300This book is a wonderful guide for taking a step back, evaluating goals, and aligning our energy and time accordingly.

It will help you to process where you are and where you want to go, so you can live intentionally to those ends. I love how grace and scripture laced this entire approach is.

The first half of the book is vision and explanation, while the second half is worksheets and printables to do this.

Deborah & Co Scarf ($20 value)

Leto_Accessories_Search_Items_KSF_2642P_LAShowroom_com__36796.1426859140.500.500This is one of the bundle bonuses… a $20 scarf for FREE. You think they’re going to get you on the “shipping” charge, but no. It’s still the standard $4 shipping and the scarves are gorgeous.

This is the one I ordered.

Also, I’ve gotten to know the woman behind Deborah & Co, found at http://www.themodestmomblog.com, and I love her heart and what she’s doing.


So, as you can see, the possibilities are pretty endless with the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. Not everything is going to apply to any one person, but you will no doubt find many things that do fit your interests and needs.

Find out about all the books HERE and bonuses HERE.

You can also click for FAQ’s and Fine Print.

You can buy it right here:


ultimate homemaking bundle


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  1. Sue
    May 4, 2015 at 12:52 AM (2 years ago)

    Came across your site & fwded it to my daughter, also named Emily Rose (who is a wife & mom to two little ones). God bless you as you strive to please Him!!

    • Katie Bennett
      May 11, 2015 at 3:10 PM (2 years ago)

      How neat Sue! It is a truly beautiful name. Thank you for your sweet words and bless you!

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