A Simple Way to Save a Life

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organ donationPhoto credit: Amanda Oliveira

Sarah’s Story

I met Sarah 3 years ago. She is in her mid 20’s. I would describe her as a likable girl who has held onto a positive attitude and strong faith in God despite being dealt a tough hand in life. I admire that about her.

When I met her, she had already had one liver transplant and was waiting for her second. The long awaited day came and, with rejoicing by many, a second foreign liver was placed in her young body. Unfortunately, that liver has not done what was hoped and a third transplant is in order.

Now Sarah is very frail. She is required to stay in the hospital until another appropriate liver is available. This is the first time I have experienced the need for a transplant for someone I know. It’s an emotional roller coaster. It’s hard. It’s a LONG time of just waiting. Of hoping. And it is so unnecessary. 

On Organ Donation

I talked with Sarah’s mom about the availability of organs. I was shocked to find out that if everyone was an organ donor, there wouldn’t be a waiting list. There wouldn’t be the constant juggling of your priority on the list – according to how your numbers are that day. Families wouldn’t have to decide whether or not to donate organs in the midst of tragically losing a loved one.

Are you an organ donor? I ask you to consider taking the following steps to possibly be the biggest blessing a family could ask for. It’s so simple!

To cover all bases:

  •  Designate your decision on your driver’s license
  •  Tell your family about your donation decision
  •  Tell your physician, faith leader, and friends
  •  Include donation in your advance directives, will, and living will

DONATE LIFE! And please say a prayer for sweet Sarah and her family as they wait.

Have you had any experience with organ donation?

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