Why eCourses Work

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Over the past year, I’ve taken a few different online courses that have had a real impact in my life, and as a result, I decided to launch my very first eCourse last March! Well, this week my second eCourse is officially out! It’s called Modesty, Grace and a Minimal Wardrobe! It’s part of a larger training academy known as My […] Read more…

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How to Know God: A Simple Bible Study Method with a Free Printable

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Use this simple Bible study method to get to know God personally! Knowing God is life-changing. When we increase our knowledge of Him –not just head knowledge, but intimate knowledge, like the mystery of two becoming one in marriage, which is a symbol of Christ and the church –we begin to live eternal life now. In John 17:3 […] Read more…

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Put Down Your Smartphone And “Be Still and Know That I Am God”

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Have you ever felt agitated that your kids had the audacity to want your attention while you were CLEARLY trying to do something on your smart phone? You know, something pressing, like read a blog post or perfect an Instagram caption? *Me: looking at the floor. looking at the wall. looking at the ceiling… Have you ever felt a little […] Read more…


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