Simple Homemaking Graces: A Free 5-Day Challenge to Encourage You to Intentionally Cultivate Your Home

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I am excited to announce a fun, free homemaking challenge that will be available in the month of July! I recently polled our private Facebook group, asking what type of challenge you would be most interested in. The overwhelming top choice of those provided was encouragement to be diligent at home. So, that got me thinking. […] Read more…

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How My Tea Kettle Is Helping Me Use My Minutes Well

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By the afternoon each day, I’m beat. A morning filled with rising early, writing and blogging from 5:30-8:30 (my husband fields the kids to give me that time), and then caring for children, running errands, seeing friends, and doing housework from 8:30-2:30 depletes my energy completely. When afternoon rolls around, and each of my children are […] Read more…


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