A Tale of Two Marriages: 4 Reasons Why a Wife Should Speak Well of Her Husband

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a tale of two marriages- 4 reasons why a wife should speak well of her husband TOP PHOTO

Today you can find me blogging over at Managing Your Blessings as part of the 31 Days to a Better Marriage Spring 2015 series. I feel honored to have been asked to participate, so I pulled out some of what I believe to be my best and most profound marriage-related wisdom. This is something that is often […] Read more…

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How to Worship God When You Pray and Why You Should

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how to worship God when you pray and why you should

Photo credit: tremotrav How do your prayers sound? If you’re like most of us, they probably a involve mostly a lot of requests on behalf of others and a lot of “me’s.” Help me, heal me, change me, guide me, forgive me. These are all wonderful and powerful prayers to pray. However, unfortunately, that’s as far […] Read more…

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The Nitty-Gritty of How to Start a Mom Blog

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the nitty-gritty of how to start a mom blog

  Since beginning blogging, a number of people have asked me how to start a blog. After typing all this information in a variety of emails and Facebook messages to friends and strangers, I’ve realize there is an interest in this process among my readers. So here’s a post for those of you who want to […] Read more…


9 Bible Verses to Usher You Into the Presence of God

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9 Bible Verses to Usher You Into the Presence of God pin

Sometimes the most powerful motivator for me to slow the busyness of life to BE with God is a simple invitation, spoken straight from His Word. To such an invitation, my spirit can’t help but say, “yes!” As I talked with one of my nearest, dearest friends this week, she mentioned a list she’d curated of Bible verses […] Read more…

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Up Your Homemaking with Fun Craftsy eGuides for FREE!

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Here’s an exciting opportunity for any of you who are looking to pick up a new skill or hobby to “up” your homemaking. Craftsy is offering a selection of their Crafting eGuides for FREE (a $4.99 value). I’ve already downloaded several of them. Use the links below to download them today! You’re welcome! …. Photography eGuide: […] Read more…

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