Christmas Gift Idea for Daddy (from Daughter)

|By Katie Bennett| Celebrate Christmas Differently, Intentional Parenting, Keep it Simple, Simple Life, Thoughts From Katie

It’s 5 days ’til Christmas. How crazy is that? This year, I wanted to help my 3-year-old daughter give her daddy a gift for Christmas. I knew they would both appreciate that opportunity. But what? She could pick something out at the store, but as I probed her on this, I didn’t think a “Christmas lamp” would be […] Read more…

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Hospitality: Tips to Creating a Welcoming Guest Room

|By Crystal Reddick| Hospitality, Love Others, Printables, Simple Home, Thoughts From Crystal


  With the upcoming holidays, you may have more opportunities to host over-night guests, than normal.  As much as it is easy to allow a “guest room” to become a “catch-all room”, putting a little extra thought into preparing a space for guests can help them feel comfortable and welcome.  These ideas can be also […] Read more…

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How to Give More without Spending More This Christmas: Advent Conspiracy

|By Katie Bennett| Advent Conspiracy, Celebrate Christmas Differently, Simple Life, Thoughts From Katie


  Last week on the blog, I talked about why you should spend less this Christmas. But that presents a problem, does it not? Many of us desire to step away from the consumeristic side of Christmas, while we also desire to give special gifts to those in our lives at Christmas. Gift giving is a godly thing […] Read more…

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A Merry Little Christmas

|By Ashley Haupt| Celebrate Christmas Differently, Simple Life, Thoughts from Ashley

a merry little christmas

Written by contributing writer Ashley Haupt at Little Pieces of Ordinary blog. Photo credit When it comes to overblown Christmas expectations, you can call me Queen Bee.  Every year, I would make an insanely long list of people I wanted to bake treats for, I wanted to decorate our house inside and out, and I often overspent […] Read more…


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