Reader Feature: “Hello Me!” and 6 Life Lessons Learned When an Over-Doer Meets Forced-Downtime

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hello me_6 life lessons learned when an over-doer meets forced downtime FB

This post was written by an Embracing a Simpler Life reader (and personal friend of mine), Meredith, about her experiences with accepting a slower pace of life through illness. She has spent much of the past year processing and living this reality. Here is a bit of her story and six lessons she’s learned in this season of slow.   If you looked […] Read more…

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Emily’s Nursery and 6 Tips to Keep Kids’ Rooms Simple …plus a Free “Jesus Loves Me” Printable

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creating a simple nursery

One way I’ve prepared for each of my children is to set up and decorate a “personalized” nursery. I know it’s super practical to have a gender-neutral design and then rotate all the babies through it, but for me, sewing pillows, making decorations and choosing sheets in accordance with a specialized style is a way to “nest.” It […] Read more…


4 Simple & Actionable Baby Steps to a Healthier Life

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4 simple and actionable baby steps to a healthier life

  I wouldn’t consider myself a health-nut, and I don’t often blog about healthy living. I’m just an average American housewife and mom, trying to find the balance of healthfulness, simplicity and practicality. However, there are some simple changes I’ve made to keep our lives a bit fresher and healthier. So if you’re anything like […] Read more…


Make Your Home a Sanctuary: 5 Questions to Get You There

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Make Your Home a Sanctuary TOP PICTURE

  A sanctuary, by definition, is a place of refuge and safety. One of my greatest goals as a homemaker is that my home be a sanctuary for my family. I want this to be a place of peace, rest and refuge. It just seems so… right. The outside world is often stressful, demanding and harsh. In contrast, a home should be a place of retreat, a place […] Read more…


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