Introducing a Fun, Sweet and Light-Hearted Way to Be Intentional in Your Marriage This Month

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When my friend Jami at YoungWifesGuide.com asked if I wanted to join her in creating a fun, February marriage challenge for me readers, I did not hesitate to say YES! So, along with Caroline at TheModestMomBlog.com we came up with a great one! It has THREE components, and hopefully, something for everyone! 1. Encouragement for Marriage […] Read more…

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Seeing Suffering in Light of Eternity

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If there’s one thing that keeps me up at night, it’s suffering. I’m not necessarily even talking about the suffering of my loved ones. They’re fine at the present moment. I’m mostly talking about the oppression, terrorism, abuse, illness and poverty worldwide –the stories of unimaginable evil, pain and tragedy happening at every moment, somewhere. Maybe that’s you. Or your […] Read more…

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