3 Apps You Won’t Find on My Phone {and Why Not}

|By Katie Bennett| Intentional Parenting, Keep it Simple, Live Fully, Simple Life, Thoughts From Katie

3 apps you wont find on my phone and why not pinterest

The second I stopped judging people who constantly looking at their phones was the second I got a smart phone for myself. No matter how much you believe yourself to value truly living, eyes up, hands-free, focusing on your children and all the important people right in front of you, owning a smart phone reveals how […] Read more…


Pizza on the Grill

|By Katie Bennett| Food, For Fun, Simple Home, Thoughts From Katie


Pizza on the grill is one of my all-time favorite meals to cook and eat. The pizza has so much flavor, and it’s a fun, collaborative cooking experience. There’s not much better than pizza on the grill on a beautiful, summers evening in my book. And it’s not difficult. Here’s How Begin by making a […] Read more…

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Minimal Baby: Cut the Clutter, Enjoy the Child

|By Ashley Haupt| Intentional Parenting, Keep it Simple, Thoughts from Ashley

minimal baby facebook

By contributing writer Ashley Haupt, blogger at Little Pieces of Ordinary. My fourth and last baby just turned ten months old.  I am officially a seasoned baby-mom.  But I had my newbie days and I remember them well. When we had our first baby, I pretty much followed the Babies R Us rule book, which […] Read more…


20 Out-of-the-Box Gift Ideas for Young Children

|By Katie Bennett| Intentional Parenting, Resources, Thoughts From Katie

20 out of the box gift ideas for young children_square

When it comes to birthday parties and Christmas, I am often at a loss as to what gifts to give the young children in our lives. Many of them already have an abundance of toys and clothes and all the typical “gift-type” stuff. And don’t we all want to give the genius gift that will actually […] Read more…

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