3 Things I Leave Out On My Kitchen Counters {And 3 Things I Don’t}

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Over the past several years I’ve discovered the beauty and functionality of uncluttered counters. I find it quite liberating. Seeing clean counter tops lifts a visual, mental and even emotional burden for me. A few advantages of uncluttered counters: They are easier to clean. Simply wipe and go! There is so much glorious work space. Cooking dinner, baking, and […] Read more…

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Homemaking from Scratch Conference

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Do you want to improve your homemaking skills and grow with other women in a Titus 2 setting? The first annual Homemaking From Scratch online conference is comprehensive guide to more efficient and effective homemaking! Join us October 7 – 9th, 2014 for the homemaking event of the year. 12 amazing homemaking bloggers and authors have […] Read more…

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How to Be Content with What You Have: 6 Strategies that Work

|By Katie Bennett| Live Fully, Simple Life

how to be content with what you have

There’s only one good way to live life, and that is with contentment. What you have or don’t have ultimately doesn’t determine the quality of your days or the satisfaction you feel, the state of your heart does. A quick study of the Bible’s references to contentment illustrate that it is a discipline, not an accident. It is a […] Read more…


Today’s Project: Simplify Your Medicine Cabinet

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medicine cabinet organization

This is a series in which we challenge you to simplify a different area of your home each month. We keep it pretty …simple. If you’re like me, your medical supplies are cluttered and unorganized. I found myself rummaging around and having difficulty finding what I needed. My inspiration for this project came after some late-night heartburn. I got […] Read more…


“And when I run I feel His pleasure.”

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When I run I feel his pleasure

I was recently reminded of this thought provoking statement from the 1980’s movie Chariots of Fire, a story based on two players in the 1924 Olympics. In the movie, Eric Liddell trains to be a competitive runner, much to the dismay of his devoutly Christian sister who believes his time would be better spent doing […] Read more…


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