Establishing a Strong, Simple & Settled Home: Exploring the Deeper Aspects of Homemaking

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establishing a strong, simple and settled home series

I am excited to introduce a new series to the blog for the month of April: Establishing a Strong, Simple & Settled Home Exploring the Deeper Aspects of Homemaking Homemaking is one of my passions. It is truly a much deeper issue than merely cleaning, cooking or decorating. It’s about creating an environment in which […] Read more…

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7 Ideas for a Christ-Centered Easter

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7 Ideas for a Christ-centered Easter pin

I love egg-hunts and traditions and hidden Easter baskets. But more importantly, I love the amazing truths of Jesus life, death and resurrection that we get to celebrate with our children on Easter. This year in particular, as my kids are getting a little older, I’m looking into what it might mean to turn their […] Read more…

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Becoming Self-Aware in Marriage: How to Identify Unmet Expectations and What to Do Next

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Becoming Self-Aware in Marriage

  Your expectations powerfully define your experience in this life. As one of my favorite authors Anne Ortlund says, “Life is determined by what happens between your ears.” Or as my mother-in-law aptly puts it, “Life is all about expectations.” Yet so many of us muddle through life not knowing ourselves, not understanding that we hold expectations […] Read more…


Thoughts on Becoming “That Mom” and God’s Sense of Humor

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These cartoons from NickMom are cracking me up! I hate to admit how many times I now realize I judged random moms before I having kids of my own. It’s funny how much we sometimes think we know despite never having walked in those shoes. Wow, how God has humbled me since becoming a mother! I sometimes recognize disapproving glances, […] Read more…


Lessons from the Lioness

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lessons from the lioness

Photo credit: DavidDennisPhotos.com   I was idly perusing National Geographic recently in a waiting room, when a picture and caption caught my eye. Picturing a golden group of cuddly lioness and several cubs, the caption read, “Older cubs like these youngsters are raised together as a crèche, or nursery group. Pride females, united in the […] Read more…

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