Having Trouble Falling Asleep at Night? Why Your Phone Might Just be Your Enemy.

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having trouble falling asleep at night fb

Photo credit A nurse friend recently filled me in on an interesting fact. Blue light promotes wakefulness. This type of light is especially present in digital screens like those on a laptop, iPad or phone. In other words, one of the worst things a person could do when trying to wind down for a night […] Read more…


2 Secrets of a Satisfied Life: Maybe Not What You Thought, but More True than You Know

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2 Secrets of a Satisfied Life, Maybe Not What You Thought, but More True than You Know

As some of you know, I love the book of Ecclesiastes. It has truly deepened my perspective and given me language for things God has been stirring in me over the past year and a half. As I’ve reflected on the brevity and temporal nature of much of what we fill our lives with now, two questions have come […] Read more…


Why and How I Drastically Reduced My Daughter’s Toys (& Why We Love It)

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why and how I drastically reduced my daughter's toys

We have a sweet little room in our house which was once set aside as a place to meet with God in quietness and peace (a “prayer room” if you will). As Christmas gifts, and birthday presents, and “just because” gifts from all our adoring family members and friends have piled up these last couple […] Read more…


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