3 Truths to Teach Your Emotional Child

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Today I’m giving you a peek into one way I parent my emotional child, who shall remain nameless… 😉 Let’s just say, feelings run high for this little one. But as she’s gotten older, we’ve uncovered two empowering truths to teach her. These truths have made a difference in her ability to cope with and overcome her own emotions (both […] Read more…

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Taking an “Advertising Break”: How To Refresh Your Soul and Think for Yourself Again

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We are perpetually discontent, as a society.  The advertisements we all see on a daily basis are… a lot! And I believe it does have an effect on us. As a girl, I remember flipping through toy ads in the newspaper, as well as seeing commercials in between my cartoons. As a result, I would daydream about […] Read more…


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